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How can i see TREE.dds ?

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by mcwood, Jan 25, 2010.

  1. Hi~ all of RD members.

    Is there any way to see TREE.dds in Texture folder?

    Because some track like Monza08, there's too many trees around road.
    so it is difficult to get FPS(Frames per second) over 60~70 with my window XP

    even though, the FPS goes up and down around 50~80 in Monza in my case.
    it's uneasy to concentrate on race line for some lag on monitor.
    so I fixed it to 60 FPS with DOS mode play.

    and more, i tried to mend some textures in the track, like trees...
    In monza there's number for trees(01~10) but i don't know which is which...

    If there's way to see Tree.dds, then i think i could copy and paste it with small size of Tree texture.

    how could i see Tree.dds in Texture(Location) ?
  2. If you've fixed it to 60FPS what is the problem? A human being can only see 60FPS on average anyway.
  3. However, when i play it with DOS mod, could get 60FPS in Monza
    but like more crowded track with trees like Nordschleife,
    I can hardly get more than 40FPS in certain point of line.

    even i get more than 60FPS other point of line
    still some kind of lag exist...with my system.

    so, i try to amend some of textures of track.
  4. And i think, i am used to doing customskin work by myself with photoshop cs.
    I'm sure i already have plug-in and direct x .

    is it reverse process to do with the dds file?
    or i need more sub-programs for dds editing?
  5. If you like to view the DDS file there is a program called DXTViewer that can do it for you.
  6. thanks~ a lot.
  7. Why can't you just open them through Photoshop?
  8. some dds files are open but others not....
    Photoshop saying like this...
    " Could not complete your request because the file-format module cannot parse the file"
    does it mean need more pulg-in?
  9. Ok then, I've never gotten that message before.