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How can I put a XML file in BTB corectly?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Jesse Doornbusch, Feb 15, 2012.

  1. Jesse Doornbusch

    Jesse Doornbusch

    How can I put a XML file in BTB corectly?
    When I am trying to open a XML file in BTB it says:
    In order to locate all old textures, the Venue file must be located under the old BobsTrackBuilder\Projects folder.

    But where do I have to put this XML file then?
  2. Mangoletsi


    I know you put google earth kml files in the gps folder, then you start btb and click on import.
  3. Lee Knight

    Lee Knight

    BTB uses .xml files so Im guessing in the My Projects folder along with the Venue.BIN File & the Xpacks Folder as with other BTB projects....
    You may be better off asking BTB questions in the BTB forum, there's more fellah's there that have more knowledge about the subject than me & it's more likely that they'll see it there.....
    Just trying top help mate.....;)