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How can I organise/filter my lap records in Race?

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Mark Bridges, Jul 18, 2010.

  1. Hi guys

    Having recently bought a pc for my racing games I have been spent the last couple of months checking out the different sims available, and decided to stick with the Race series and knuckle down and try and get better. Not going to well at the mo I have to say :frown:.

    One thing I can't work out is how I can organise my Lap records. I can see my lap records via the options/profile in game but can't see the wood for the trees, as it's just a big list.

    Is it possible say for me to filter my lap records on Brands Hatch 07 by Wtcc 06 cars, for example?

    Help would be appreciated, it's just I like to see my laptimes gradually improve over time but at the mo I find it a bit of a task!

    Cheers Mark
  2. Unfortunately, there isn't a way you can filter your lap records. I do think having a filter would make things so much easier though...

    Best advice I can give is to recall your most recent hotlap, then search for the hotlap of the track you're searching for that has the highest numerical suffix (like Brands Hatch 07_2 HOTLAP or something like that). Otherwise, I'm sorry but there's not much you can do. :frown:
  3. Cheers for the help.

    I thought that might be the case. Nevermind, it's not the worst inconvenience in the world!

    Now back to some practice. Ta
  4. umm you could always go in to the simbin directory within windows and delete a lot of the crap you dont want anymore. also you can rename laps that are important within windows.

    think summat like

    C:\users\yourname\my documents\simbin\replay theatre or summat similar cant remember off the top of head
  5. Download and install Autosim Analyser - it soemtimes throws upo errors with certain mods and its just a case of deleting the races that cause a problem, but aside from that one 'bug' (which you may not even encounter depending on your mods) you can sort and filter lap times for drivers, tracks etc etc and once configured it does this for EVERY race you enter, gathering not just your lap times but those of everyone in the server - it even generates a race report telling you how potitions altered and who passed who foe EACH lap..


    Note - when I say delete races that cause a problem I do NOT mean from replays as posted by Robin above - I mean from the results folder that gets generated and that Autosim Analyser reads to produce its reports.
  6. Dave your a legend this is exactly the kind of thing I was after. Actually, it's better than what I was looking for.. Took me a while to get it to work, but thats just me being dumb!

  7. :DDave called a legend? OH man you'll create a MONSTER! LOL

    JK Dave.........:tongue:
  8. Dave called a legend? Well thats a first... ever.. don't worry Eric my feet are still firmly on the ground in the land of plain ordinary non-legends....!!! Nice to be appreciated though!!

    TIP for using - create a folder on your desktop called 'Results to (insert todays date).

    Run Autosim analyser - if it loads results and works. Fine....

    If not - go to the Results folder that Autosim Scans and CUT and PASTE all results to you desktop folder.

    Next sort the results into date order - then cut and paste back to the Autosim Results folder a day at a time, or half day, or hours for that day if lots of results - each time scan with Autosim until the error throws up - then move 1 race at a time until you find the one causing the problem - will usually be a certain car mod or when you have skipped through sessions in offline games. Delete the problem races (or put in a desktop folder called 'Deleted Results'.

    Eventually you get all Results back in the Results Folder that Autosim scans or deleted in the case of bad ones.

    You should now be left with a working Results Folder and an EMPTY desktop folder named Results to 22-07-2010. DO NOT DELETE THIS.

    Play as normal and scan using Autosim - each time you scan and Autosim works on all results - update the date on your desktop folder.

    This means that should a set of results cause an error in Autosim you have a definite date that you KNOW the Results files are good to. So you only need to CUT results after that date to your desktop folder, before scanning to ensure they all DO work, and then moving them across a day at a time to find the bad one.

    Trust me when you have a few hundred races for Autosim to scan this simple procedure can save you hours and hours in finding the faulty Results File.
  9. Just installed this on my Laptop after a wipe and realised there is a PLR edit to do to keep all previous races in the Results File - here is a EDITED copy of a post by Simon Trendell on how to get it all working : -

    Using AutoSim Analyzer
    Seems a few people have yet to figure out how to use/didn't know about this great tool.

    What you need!

    - Autosim Analyser

    - 1 PLR File Edit :

    Open My Documents\SIMBIN\Race 07\UserData\<Evo Profile Name>\<Evo Profile Name>.PLR.
    You may need to right click Open/Open With -> Select a program from a list of installed programs -> Select Notepad -> Untick the tick box if desired and press ok.

    Once there press Ctrl-F and find Extra Stats.
    You should find this line:
    Extra Stats="0" // Saves separate verbose stats for any session (instead of simple stats for most recent race only)

    Change that 0 to a 1 and save the file.


    I'm sure we can all install a program :highfive: So I'll assume you've installed AutoSim Analyzer now. Not sure if this works with offline races too well, but if you can try and find an online server and complete a race.

    Then open ASA (Typing AutoSim Analyzer is a PITA) you'll get this screen


    Now in the Path to log files either find or copy:
    My Documents\SIMBIN\Race 07\UserData\LOG\Results and press Auto-Scan and eventually you'll get something a bit like this.


    Then double click in the right hand column the race that you want to view.
    Again you'll be presented with a screen like this.


    From here it should all be self explanatory. To view Race 2 click the Race #2 button in the top left. To produce the HTML exported files use either Web Report 1 or Web Report 2.

    I'm sure ASA can do much more but hardly played with it too much to find out :music2:
    Credit to alexzz for the program & Daniel Monterio for the PLR edit line :)
    Last edited by Simon Trendell; 8th November 2008 at 16:02.

    Simons post edited to reflect SIMBIN Change to where the results file was stored (used to be in program files now in my documents)
  10. Strangely I do not have plr folder or file in my EVO name.

    IN fact my Steam name does not even appear............

    My name folder is what I use at Rd currently but when I created a profile I have another name in Steam as well but never run it in game.

    Should I try to access that profile?
  11. Impossible!! - Your looking in the right place? This is NOT the in Program Files,Steam,Steam Apps..

    The one you want is the SIMBIN folder in MY DOCUMENTS, you should be able to see files for Eric Nelson and any other 'in game' Profile name. Unless you created a profile with your Steam Id as its Name you will NOT see any reference to your Steam Id here.
    The PLR edit needs to be applied to the PLR Files for each Profile ID that you Race under in order for it to generate the Results File.

    Hope this helps, let me know if your having problems and I'll try to help.
  12. If I clicked on my name folder it contained the info I was looking for.

    It just didn;t have the .plr tag on it. made the change and now I can experiment with the analyzer!

    Thanks mate!