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How can I improve?

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Gav Elias, Sep 27, 2011.

  1. I'm loving this game! I'm playing on the PS3, but am at the starting out level. I had F1 2010, but was using a pad with a few assists and easy level, so obviously got bored after a while.

    However, I bought a Logitech Driving Force GT ready for the 2011 release. I'm now using the wheel and as little assists as I can and upped the difficulty, refusing to use easy or medium levels to push myself. For now, the only assists I have on are traction control and racing line on corners, which is a vast improvement for me.

    My main issues are that I lack consistency. I think I'm posting decent times. Started a career in a Force India and in my first race in Melbourne, using the above assists/difficulty settings, I qualified 6th and finished 5th in the race. I was posting what I thought were decent lap times of late 1:20's in the dry.

    Now I'm seeing people doing 1:17's in the time trial challenge! Any tips for improving? I've adjusted my wheel and pedal settings in game to what feels right and comfortable for me. I think it's the on track element is where I need a few tips to improve.
  2. they are using red bulls on tt
  3. You cannot compare lap times in races to time trials. Two different animals. In career, JUST worry about hitting objectives. TT is really designed more for being consistent and hitting the fastest lap times.
  4. yea TT is totally different. Plus with all the corner cutting going on I wouldn't worry about it too much.
  5. Just keep driving/practicing, slowly but surely... go steady with your pace of 1:20's then push little by little.

    Remember we all have our own limit(the mind just wont let us push our self to the limit), BUT don't give up, I think by time you will hit the proper clean time of any track just by practicing and driving in it.

    Just keep in mind that there are "Aliens" out there :)

    Enjoy driving!
  6. Also, if you're exploiting the 11/11 spring settings bug you can improve your lap time by a few seconds on most tracks. 1.20 is actually pretty good.

    Try changing setups, do A LOT of laps and use KERS on different spots on the track to see what's fastest. After a while you'll find the optimal way to get around and improve your lap times ;)
  7. With the mention of KERS, from ALL of the videos I've watched on youtube etc, I'm astounded to yet find anyone who's used KERS off the grid for a faster and better start into the first corner?!

    Any reason for this, as this is what real drivers tend to do?
  8. 1.20 is good, time trial is different to career and gp modes, don't forget the weather is either Dry (Hot track temp) or wet.... with career and ghp modes, the track temperatures differs.

    Also you must know where to use the Kers on each track, where it is best used and how to take the corners, throttle control aswell as braking is just as crucial as you can lose tenths very easily if you don't do it right.

    Wet have Track guides being put up here, along with alot of setups for races aswell as TT specifically.
  9. I use KERS on the grid. I wait until i get to 3rd then use it otherwise there is too much wheel spin. I use about 1/2 to 3/4 of it off the line and use the last of it after the first corner(s) to defend positions that i may have taken into the first corner.
  10. NEVER compare any times in Time Trial to Career Mode. I'm not sure about this year, but last year, Time Trial had no fuel and tyre simulation, and was on a completely rubbered-in track. You'll never get a situation like that in career.
  11. I use Kerrs off the grid but not much, i use it as a little boost from either 3rd or 4th gear but as soon as i get into 6th i stop using DRS. So thats about a quater i use (if that) off the line.