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How BTB maps the ground ? Helps needed Brendon

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by jay_p_666, Mar 28, 2009.

  1. I notice BTB use a sort of planar mapping for ground ... it seems that this mapping don't have nothing related with the polygons form, but rather map over the ground mesh like squares. It is very good for importing into max, because you can use one texture in material editor and everything is mapped. But my problem is that, if I modify and move the polygons, this texture gets distorted and it looks all messed up. So, I came to conclusion that this kind of mapping have nothing in common with for example UVW Unwrap which use polygons for texturing. I would like to know what type of mapping is that, and how to reset it after moving terrain polygons. Do I have to reset mapping xform ? Which parameters you use under UVW Map ? Which size, etc ...

    Thanks !

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  2. Okay, just found how to reset.

    1- Select and detach all ground that use only one texture from the ground already mapped that use texture plate.

    2- Add MapScaler(WSM) modifier

    3- Set scale to let's say approximative 12meters

    4- Attach with rest of ground, and make sure you select all vertices, and under weld option, set target to 2 pixels, and weld selected because if no, terrain will have very sharp corners and no smooth.

    Looks like this topic have turned into a small tutorial heeh. Sorry for that, my apologize. Maybe that's not the best way to do it but it works !
  3. Great solution to the problem. My question is how to assign ttpo.dds to the terrain and still loking good.