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How Annoying!

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by vausie, Jul 25, 2011.

  1. It only happens from time to time but it annoyse when you start at the back of the grid and some guy further up the track stays still which gives me a penalty. And then they drive away feeling happy with themselves while i am left with no front wing and a ten second penalty before the first corner.
  2. are you talking online? chances are its lag. but this happens IRL, you have to think fast and go around.
  3. it is definetly lag i have been on both ends of it, it horrible when you see all around you take off from the line and your left sat there thinking WTF!!!
    i just make sure im ready to make a move round them incase it happens to the car in front of me
  4. im pretty sure the clock starts as soon as you take off. ive been the only one outta like eight to actually start on time by like three seconds. led the whole race, finished first, but didnt actually win. kinda weird i guess but still fair i suppose.
  5. I have seen this a few times and i have seen the cheaters reverse at the start, but the thing that annoys me is the lag you get when your actualy racing. I know its not my computer so i can only suspect that its the server or my internet connection. I have only had lag when racing 2 or 3 times and i have races 200 to 250 races now with 86 race wins, as annoying the lag is, its inevitable that the game will lag for what ever reason at some point.

    My tip is to make sure your computer is maintained ie. Disc clean up, defrag etc etc, this will reduce the chances of lag but it will not stop it, also make sure your settings are not the reason for lag. But from the sounds of it, your not experiencing lag yourself so your settings must be fine. Apart from them alway's think ahead and be ready for a slow starting driver.