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Hotlap Competition #2, 10/26/2011 - 11/2/2011

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by Joe Hubbard, Oct 26, 2011.

  1. Week 2 Hotlap Competition

    Riley DP at Homestead - Road Course B


    You Must be a licensed member.

    You can obtain a RD license for free and it's easy!

    Hotlap Central


    1. You must show proof of your lap via screenshot or video
    2. You may not have any off tracks
    3. You may use any setup you wish
    4. You may run as many times as you wish during the week

    **Sample screenshot that you must provide to compete**
    You must show a screenshot with the splits tab visible...

  2. Out of this one as I dont have the track :)
    Have fun guys!
  3. You really ought to think about getting it, Homestead road is all kinds of fun...
  4. I don't have the car or the track so this one is a no go for me. Sorry! (Well, not that I'm a considerable opponent anyway) :D
  5. Here is a little video:

  6. [​IMG]1.12.066

    Attached Files:

  7. ok Dario isn't allowed to enter this comp with those kinds of times... hahahahaha
  8. cmon, Joe, pls, just once more...j/k

    btw S3 2011 best time is 1:09.871, and WR is 1:09.577 set by Wyatt Gooden

    setup with which I was driving attached

    Attached Files:

  9. I'll give it a shot with that setup, thx!

    **EDIT** - Ok Dario I'm catching you but not quite there yet. I'm down to a 1.12.216... I'll post my time shortly... hahaha
  10. Ok here is what I have so far, I still there there is room to grow but the little one isn't letting me...

  11. no more setups for you :tongue:
  12. hahahaha, I knew that was coming.
  13. come on guys and gals, put your times up. You know you want too...
  14. Sorry Joe... I don't have the car or track, nor do I have the desire to purchase them at this time.
  15. I'm not kidding, you guys have no idea what you are missing with not having Homestead Road... You put 10+ cars on that track and it's wicked fun... Well it's fun until Will smashes into your rear end and William drives by us both and says "thanks Will, I was having a hard time catching joe"... hahaha
  16. Richard, you can download Fraps for free and it will let you take screenshots with it. I must ask for a screenshot of this due to the rules. I know it doesn't really seem to matter on this one as there are only times from Dario and myself but...