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Hotlap Competition #1, 10/17/2011 - 10/24/2011

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by Joe Hubbard, Oct 17, 2011.

  1. Ford Mustang @ Watkins Glen - Classic


    You Must be a licensed member.

    You can obtain a RD license for free and it's easy!

    Hotlap Central


    1. You must show proof of your lap via screenshot or video
    2. You may not have any off tracks
    3. You may use any setup you wish
    4. You may run as many times as you wish during the week

    **Sample screenshot that you must provide to compete**
    Please click the small arrow in the chat box in to show off tracks as well as the laps button to show lap times.

  2. here is mine attempt,

    Attached Files:

  3. Well I'm definitely in! I have to gain 0.01 to have enough SR to get promoted to the C class, so I'll do one or two laps at Spa and because I don't want to race anymore with the OTM (while hoping for the NTM for Mustang), I'll drive the Watkins Glen!

    But I'm going to be the last one, because I'm a beginner and noob as well :D
  4. Is this Hotlap Challenge over the Classic or Cup track? It doesn't appear to specify anywhere.


    After a couple of test runs, it appears it's the Classic layout.

  5. I fixed that Daz, I thought that I had put that info at the top but I guess I didn't.
  6. Joe,

    Sorry to be a PITA, bu can just ask are you only allowed to do one outlap and one flying lap to be able to enter these hotlap challanges or can we run several laps and have accept our quickest clean lap of the session (as usually when I hotlap I will run several laps at a time). I was getting rather peeved during my outlap, clipping the grass and getting a 1x, so I kept having to exit the session and then re-enter to start again.

    If multiple laps are allowed, can I suggest an alternative way of submitting the times?

    Once you have finished your laps and exited the car, whilst still at the track, press TAB and bring up the SPLITS box in the bottom right. Then click the right arrow to bring up the session details and the BEST lap of the session will be shown. With the SPLITS tool, the best lap has to be clean lap to be accepted, as if there are any incidents during a lap, the SPLITS tool disregards it for a best lap time.

    See my attached screenshot as an example. Time for lap is 1:21.359


  7. I suppose you can run as many laps as you want. I just happened to do 1 lap just to show what I was after with the screenshot. I'll do a little test and I might change the rules around to use your split idea. However people will have to zoom in with the screenshot of the split time as I cant see it. Or perhaps use a full size screenshot.
  8. 1.19.998 :)

  9. 1.21.493

    My first visit to Watkins Glen ever. Logitech MOMO, autoclutch, autoblip.


    Very satisfied, 6 weeks in simracing :D
  10. Can someone post a good setup please? I'm barely driving, setup is my last concern right now :D
  11. nice guys, well done Flavien :good:
    tried again, close but no cigar


    Attached Files:

  12. Thank you very much, I'm sorry I didn't notice there has been a response already.
  13. [​IMG]

    Improved a few tenths here. Probably as good as it's gonna get for me :)
  14. Update to initial time posted previously.



  15. updated the board.
  16. nice a hotlap comp :D
    will try to do some laps this weekend
  17. I've heard a lot of good things about this car. I had some extra iRacing bucks laying around, so I said, "Why the heck not?" Can't beat what essentially is a free car. Spent about 20 minutes with the car using a stiffer version of Dario's setup. My reaction: "Holy crap!" It's a tank, but a fun tank to drive. The best lap I put down was a 1:20.658. If I get some extra time over the weekend, I should be able to improve on it.

  18. Ok guys the winner this week is set in stone. Congratz Flavien!