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WIP Horsma Raceway

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder Projects' started by Ghoults, Sep 26, 2010.

  1. Finished! Continue posting here:

    Updated 31. January 2012. 1.0 released!

    Please try it and tell me what you think! :)

    I've been working with btb on my spare time every now and then for couple of years. I have made some tracks but never really finished one. Or even released one. However this track is different... This is something I want to release :)

    Below are few videos from the version (0.8 beta, January 24th 2012) version. First video is Historix Minis on the Formula layout and the second one is Historix Corvette on the GT layout. The videos showcase the track as 95% complete but lack some of the details of the 1.0 release.

    For comparison below are some outdated videos showing earlier previews of the tracks:

    (Link to track map)

    Horsma Raceway is a fantasy track located in northern Finland. I have built this track with only one goal in mind and that has been to make it a track I enjoy driving (and making!) a lot. I hope you do enjoy it too. The track is supposed to be a realistic track from the late 80s/early 90s and I think one of its real life counterparts could be Oulton park, Mid-ohio or Mosport. At least I hope so! The track is fairly fast with many fast bends and lots of elevations. Being relatively old track it is also made to be bumpy.

    The track has technical sections followed by fast sweeping turns testing both your patience with the throttle and guts to take some of the turns flatout. In most turns you need to adjust your line for the next corner. There are elevation differences but not as major or sudden as in Mosport or Bathurst. The track is supposed to be well flowing track with some full throttle sections and slower parts followed by each other. There aren't any chicanes on the track except for the turn one in the formula layout. The back stretch (Snake back) especially is one my favourite sections of the track. Very fast but also very courageus string of corners. Hard to balance the car through the turns but really fun when you get it right.

    The track has 3 configurations. The GT and GT rev layouts are the longer ones while the GT rev being more challenging with more fast blind turns. The GT rev is the GT layout in reversed direction. Then there is the Formula layout which is shorter and has a chicane to slow things down in t1. The GT tracks are meant for faster cars all the way up to GT cars and such. It works best for fast touring and gt cars like the cars in historix and tcl mods. The Formula layout is meant for slower cars and essentially the main target cars for this configuration are single seaters up to formula renault 3.5.

    With faster cars the bumps of the track add a lot of challenge and that combined with the lack of long straights and the narrow track width make it challenging combination. I'd imagine the track suiting really well for vintage single seaters though.

    - length 6.1 km (GT layout) ( 4.1 km (Formula layout)
    - 16 turns, 10 to the right (GT version)

    I'd really like to convert this to rFactor2 but at the moment that is just a dream. Assetto corsa would be awesome too some time in future among other sims. Possible rFactor2 version will be called 2.0. Known bugs and issues (there are few at the moment) are listed on the bottom of this post.

    (If you did try my earlier version of this track you need to delete that track folder in locations folder to avoid any possible problems)

    But like I said. Please try it and give feedback. Any feedback is appreaciated. Thank you.
  2. Looks nice, must say. The only thing I'd change is the somewhat clownesque color of the red-white-blue curbstones (never saw that kind in real life! ;) )
  3. Hehe, that's true. Kerbs is one the big things of the 3d-work I still need to remake (both the 3d and texturing) and I've been thinking about making my own texture for the kerbs.
  4. The formula layout looks like it started out as Philip Island.


    See the resemblance? Of course, Phillip Island is in the other direction :D
  5. Actually it started like this:


  6. Kris Vickers

    Kris Vickers
    Hardware Staff

    This looks brilliant :)

    I like the elevation changes and the random awkward bumps you`ve added.... looks great! :)

    Cant wait to try it
  7. Ok, I'm uploading it now. Better get ready :)
  8. Ok, here is an alpha version of the track. I'd say it is 90% complete. The 3d-work and texturing are there but still some finetuning is required. Some parts, like ai and dark driveline are still missing.

    At the moment the track probably works only in test mode.

    As this an alpha release I'd appreciate if you tried the track and posted your feelings and opinions about these kind of things:
    - how do you like the track, the corners and the layout(s) in general?
    - what corners are the worst and what the best (if any)
    - the bumpiness of the track
    - fps issues on certain parts of the track?
    - suggestions for making the formula layout more fun
    - just some bad looking places on the track :)
    - problems: flickering textures, track not loading, able to drive through some walls, some terrain causing strange behavior with the car etc.

    Also interested hearing about possible shortcuts and how to improve the camera angles and if you have problems with those.

    As the final version of this track will come with 3 layouts I'd like if you drove these parts of the track as well. As it is though these layouts are not yet "independant". So if you drive in wrong direction (which is essentially the gt reverse layout) you will get black flags and lose credits. Just like trying the formula layout rfactor may punish you from shirt cutting the track.

    To-do list:
    - make sure track is fun to drive
    - fix and finalize kerbs
    - finetune the track merging areas
    - make ai
    - finetune terrain, objects and especially shadows
    - add dark driving line
    - make different layouts drivable without blackflags
    - adjust track grippyness, bumpyness and other stuff found in track.tdf file
    - finetuning of textures, blending and adding detail
    - create readme and credits text files

    Links removed for newer version.

    Have fun :)

    In the next version I will hopefully have a 99% complete version which will then be the final version too if all things go as planned.
  9. Kris Vickers

    Kris Vickers
    Hardware Staff

    Downloading now..... will add feedback when its done :)
  10. Kris Vickers

    Kris Vickers
    Hardware Staff

    Might be a long read lol;

    Pit lane - Better to have cars start in the garage, rather than in pit spot as they currently do, but this is part of AIW.

    Pit lane - Pit garages have no roof when viewed from above.... not much of an issue, but its there and i can see it! lol

    Kerbs - Ultimate car killers!! Specially on the inner layout on the esses.

    Elevation changes - These make this track really challenging in places. I like that

    The bumpiness - These make this track even MORE challenging. Really kicks some cars off balance.

    Corners - Every corner is very drivable once learned, but can bite you if you dont get it right, which is good.

    I'm not experiencing any FPS issues and i couldn`t see any flickering textures, so have no comments on that.

    There are parts of the track where the difference in textures is a little out of place, but not horribly so.

    Might be useful to redo the loading screen to show the layouts a little higher, as they get cut off by the loading bar.

    Also, if you could do the 'GrandTouringmini.tga' and 'GrandTouringThmb.tga'.

    Shortcut wont really be detectable for cheating until you do the AIW file. But, there are some gaps in the walls (not just because they are non-collidable) that allow you to drive around the terrain..... nice for a sunday drive though. :cool:

    Great track so far, and if its finished right, should be up there with the greats i think.

    One for future RD touring class races i think......... WTM!!!!
  11. Thank you very much for the feedback :)
  12. I see that the track has been downloaded few times :)

    What do people think especially about the formula layout? Especially the esses on the "infield". In the track map it is the section between corners 7 and 13.

    Any feedback is always appreciated. If you don't like something it can be changed if you can give good reasons :)

    The work on the track is progressing fine. Almost finished the kerbs on the main layout, just need to find or make a better texture for them :)
  13. Kris Vickers

    Kris Vickers
    Hardware Staff

    Currently (or as i tested it last week), that centre section is a little bland. Very generic BTB looking.

    But i never mentioned that as i thought you were still working on this area anyway?

    Road textures could do with changing and maybe some more objects?
  14. Yeah, the infield is still somewhat work in progress. I haven't really experiemented a lot with it yet but I think I need to make some big changes to it... I'm thinking about adding some of the missing cork screw/bathurst dipper kind of corners there that are missing from the track :)
  15. Kris Vickers

    Kris Vickers
    Hardware Staff

    Dont go overboard though as you dont want to make the track 'gimmicky'.
  16. I think I've made some small changes that add both challenge and flow to that section. I've added some more objects around the track too, mostly to make the spectator areas more lively. Anyways I'll probably make one or two more videos about the reverse and formula layouts when I get the infield corners and kerbs sorted.

    I still need to work on the kerbs. They can be really vicious, unrealistic and just plain strange... need to make up something to make them work as intended :)
  17. Hi all. it's been a while since my last update but I recently bought an rc car so the progress has been slow with this track.

    Anyways, here's a lap around the formula layout with TV cameras. I'm thinking about the track being about 99% complete in 3d, texturing, kerbs and all that. Some fine tuning is still required with terrain, blending and adding and refining the objects... Then I can move to aiw and all that stuff...

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  18. *moved this info to first post*
  19. Rupe Wilson

    Rupe Wilson
    Senior HistorX club driver Staff Premium

    It looks great nice job:) , but i dont have rfactor:( , ,,, will there be a race07 release..:rolleyes: .