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  1. As some of you already noticed, i am working on a race track on public roads. It is situated nearby my hometown.

    I thought, lets open one topic for it, in wich i can put my questions in because there will be a lot of questions with a very long track to build.

    The progress of the construction is to be found here:
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    Will it be a multiplatform release Erwin? Cause i can't wait to try it out. Love those insane long tracks!
  3. i can try to release it for more than only rFactor. I have the Pro version. Would be ok to release it also for GTR2.

    This is the progress of the track in Buinen, one of the six villages it crosses. I have to make some pictures of the erea there, but i am not making pictures from every house, because of the privacy of the habitants there.

  4. Looks like a cool place to drive.

    I have thought about doing the same using back roads near my home as a track.
  5. Making it look alike the erea in real life is the biggest challenge. After i imported the *.kml file, BTB showed it was 24.000meters long. That is good. But when i drove a few laps on the track, i had the feeling that the track is shorter than real life. But it can be misleading. The car is not traveling 80km/h/50mph, but 180kmh/110mph.... You drive a full lap with an average speed of 205 kmh/127 mph

    I have made the track more narrow. 10 meters became 7 meters.
  6. [​IMG]
  7. i would like to know when the trees really hurt the frame rate? Some friend on the fastlane forum gave me the hint to look at the LOD. But i am very unfamiliar with the LODS settings.

    Also some parts of the track should not be shown from far away because the track is not flat all the way, so i won't look underneath the track parts.
  8. Some another screenies.




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    Wow, love that brickyard Erwin :thumb:
  10. yep. I hope to find out how to change the colors. The cobbles have a yellow color. And can you imagine that the road is 7.5 meters wide? It looks a mere 5 meter...
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    Hans Sneep

    It looks very promising Erwin,maybe possible for GTLegends all so?
    Having our own Dutch "Magwerk" would be fantastic.

  12. i will try that later. First i will build this one and hopefully i get the track fully working, because i was thinking about the pit lane. Is it possible to have garages on both sides of the pitlane? Because the crew chief ("pointer") points all the cars to one direction. Can i alter it per garage?
  13. Some updates at the site page. I uploaded some pictures of the track. I will take some more tomorrow. So then there are real life pics from all the villages.

    When you visit the site you can easily see when there are updates, just look at the date in the left lower corner.
  14. Wow, looks like a lot of really intensive terrain work. I can't wait to drive on it!
  15. updated the site a bit. Added pictures of the track in real life and a page for the Bronneger village.
  16. i have made a capture from a part of the track. Keep in mind, it is still under construction. But it gives a idea what the track is like.

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    Ha, fantastic. Especially the Buinen area looks cool already. How many km's did we see in this video now?
  18. I think about some 7 km.
  19. [​IMG]
  20. Update:

    i am working on the Bronneger - Drouwen part. Armco has already been added. New track surface. Track heights has been corrected.