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Misc Honda McLaren Engine 1.0

Gives Mercedes Honda McLaren engine

  1. Since this is a database mod, will it corrupt my save?
  2. Yes
  3. Honda F1 engine being more powerful than Mercedes's?
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  4. Apparently the engine might be a bit more powerful in real life next year, so I replicated that. But remember it is Honda so I made the engine have higher faults and more likely to fail.
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  5. I'll just leave it for the next carrier start than ;)
  6. Should be added a new category on F1 2014 downloads, we have Helmets, Misc and Skins, some mods missing one, I'll call her Psycho...
  7. Is the team supposed to be called "McLaren Honda" now? cause in my case it says "McLaren Mercedes" and I don't feel any change in power of the engine
    Edit: Sorry, I could feel the difference in power, I had more power than Mercs on the straights and it wasn't the case before. Can you just help me how to edit a team name?
    Last edited: Dec 5, 2014
  8. would this include a sound mod for the honda engine
  9. After so many months I'm glad I was right. It would have been ridicolous if Honda could build a engine in their first year which is more powerful than Mercedes'. Lol hence even now they cannot bring out the full potential of their engine resulting in their engine being weaker than Renault's right now.
    So you can easily update this mod and make Honda the weakest engine of all.
  10. Man i want download this mod but i don't like that the Honda engine is more powerful than the Mercedes Engine,can you do a mod like this where the Honda engine fail very often but it isn't the most powerful
  11. Can you do an update where the Honda Engine is the worst and it fails very often?Thanks
  12. how do you increase engine power of your car ot team, is it in the same place as the attachment??