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WIP Hompe's Drag Strip

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder Projects' started by Jonathan Johansson, Sep 30, 2011.

  1. rFactor does not have many nice working drag strips so i thaught i will make one and try to share with you alot of info on how i made this track :cool:
    Here is my current plan:
    Feel free to leave some suggestions and idea's on the track!
    As you can see i will place the pits on the right end of the track and the playes (or ai's) can take their car to the start and run the 402 meters all the way to the finish, then there will be an tarmac exit road that leads back to the pits!
    This track will have working timing which means you will in a practise session be able to put the car on the starting line then drive off (timer will start) and then when you cross the finish line 402meters away (the times will stop)
    Stay tuned for more pictures
  2. One thing i did for this track is i used this method:


    You probably wonder why i drew a straight in google earth and added elevations to it when its just a simple straight that will be used for drag racing.

    Well my answer for that question is that i dont want my track to be perfectly flat, especially not since its supposed to be alot like an airfield runway.. I want you to see the car going up and down when you zoom the camera in, i want the suspension on the car to work and i want the tires to try and find grip on the sometimes bumpy surface! This way we also dont have to use artificial booring bumps in the .tdf file but we can give a more realistic sensation of the track surface going up and down


    In this picture we see that the track is a bit sketchy, it doesnt go straight in a perfect line but it still looks pretty smooth :)

    Just like this picture of the nordschleife bellow


    But lets put the camera down towards the track surface and zoom in and woila! it looks bumpy as hell but if we zoomed in like this on that nordschleife straight im sure we would experience the same effect :)


    This effect was achieved just by getting the height data from 3D Route builder and its probably not accurate but its sure as hell more realistic than a perfectly flat track :tongue:

    Im currently trying to write a document about all these things i have in my head about what i think is cool to do in btb track making :) stay tuned for that document also!
  3. Added a background picture and blended into the terrain, also made some elevation in terrain and test drove the thing :)

    Its very fun to drive but needs more details and some track surface adjustments!

  4. Are you interested in collaborating with this project? I could make objects and textures and then convert this to Race07, which happily just got hillclimb mode that can be used as a drag strip time trial! It starts straight from the start line, it has the christmas tree lights (albeight too slow..) and the car switches to AI and brakes after the finish line automatically.. As soon as i saw the first picture, the Hillclimb instantly came to mind.I thought selfisly for a moment keeping the idea to myself but it's better to do some collaboration instead. Two people building the same thing..
  5. While we're at it, can we keep the Goodwood Hillclimb in mind for this (common projects) too? I still have it on my todo-list, and think Kennett wanted to chip in for it too (but couldn't reach him at the time). People keep asking for it on a pretty regular basis and I kinda promised I'd make a basic version at some time.
    The track map isn't hard to get from Gugle Earf data, but haven't found any elevation data yet. The method Jonathan/Hompe used should be good to make it look more realistic though. Thanks for pointing it out!
  6. This looks very interesting... :)
  7. What i actually ment was that in Race07 the hillclimb mode is perfect for drag racing, no need for car to be driven to the start line, other cars are ghosts so multiple people can make runs simultaneously, that sorts out online workability. All you have to do in Race07 is to rename the xfinish.gmt to xhcfinish.gmt and modify .TRK (.SCN in rF) file accordingly.

    Maybe this one could be made in to a "scene", illegal street drag race in abandoned airfield; improvised signs and other objexts...
  8. Yeah sure that sounds good :) Ill send you a pm
  9. After 1.5 days of doing no BTB i went back at it today, i made some woods (thanks to kittx) and i have made some other stuff in the pit area that wont show in this picture, do you spot anything in the track surface? any lines maybe? they are there for additional track layouts :)


    Track looks extremely bumpy and it is bumpy, but not too bumpy :)
  10. I had to add guardrails to the track :) it looks soooo much better

  11. Errrr.....Looking good, but.....the barriers/armco makes it look a bit 'made-for' drag racing-you, mentioned the possibility of it being an air-port runway maybe, did you try hay bails or anything else that may get used at a country runway on a private run-day?
    Just curious is all (as to would it have a similar effect...?)
    As for the squiggly lines- I thought the road marker was chasing down his evening supper of road-kill stew until I saw the drifting bits!
    Nice work though... (seriously)
    We could do with a decent drag strip!
    I'm thinking too that the AI could be made to work like you wish within BTB itself with only a minor modification to your original drawing-do you mind if I have a crack at it (the AIW within BTB) when your done with the track?
  12. I don't know how it's gonna go but I suspect the "slow down" area to be a bit small... Other than that as said just above it would have been nice if it looked a little bit more "grass-root" :p

    Keep up the good work !
  13. Yeah sure you can do some ai if you want :) Yeah i was going for the abandoned airfield being used once or twice a year for drag racing style, but i changed my mind a little bit and i thaught i might aswell give it some barriers and then give it a cone track or maybe even a race track layout later on :)

    Yeah it looks like that but its quite a long way to break down and it should not be a problem as long as youre not driving top fuel monsters.. :D So i recommend using highly tuned street cars or simillar instead
  14. Alright cheers ! :p
  15. Heres todays update :)
    Picture 1 shows the pits and the lovely fence i made to protect the people working there...
    Picture 2 shows the finish line of the 402meter drag strip and the chicane on the race track layout :p
    This track is really getting bigger and bigger with more and more details, I think it will be a fun motorpark in the end :)



    Have a nice day
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    Naiiiiiiiiiice! :D
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  18. What about adding a little bit of wear on the barriers, curbs, garages and on the bridge ? Just to make it feel more "club" track ! :p