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holy @#$@

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by Joe Hubbard, Dec 30, 2010.

  1. I had bought the skip a bit ago with the special they had out with extra credits. So I finally said I'm done with the MX-5 races and bumpercar city for a while. I did some laps and got in a race thinking I was ready...lol...:pray: I can see that I am not even close... At least I didn't cause any accidents and I finished 10th out of 14 cars. However I got lapped about 4 laps from the finish. I was 4-5 seconds off the pace per lap from the leader. When I saw his irating of 4829 I didn't feel so bad... hahaha Does anyone have a good setup for summit point in the skip? I've been doing some digging around since I have no idea how to set a car up or what it all means and found this if there happens to be anyone else in my shoes. Perhaps it can help us idiots...hehe

  2. I personnally keep it stock, with only the ARB at 3 and tires down to 21 (all 4)
    Setups are not very important in the skip.
    Today was my first day in a LONG time in the skip and my first time with it @ Summit. I got 1.22.6 as a best lap... still slow, but with the some practice mid- 21 should be doable.
  3. Have a look in here


    one in here also


    some here as well


    I now find it tricky jumping between cars and being at my best straight away. Putting in a good number of laps definitely helps and then its a question of how you like to drive as to which set up would work best. For me personally I like my cars to be pretty stable with the back end not sliding all over the place. What I have found is that the quick guys tend to have a loose set up which indicates to me they have hidden skills far beyond me!
  4. Thanks guys, what I really don't understand is this. I saved the replay from the first race I was in and watched the leader. Daverollo, you are right about the quick guys having loose cars. The leader of that race that was doing 1:20's with an average of 1:21 was all over the place. and I mean it looked more like a sprint car coming around the corners sideways in every turn. I would think driving like that would burn the tires off in three laps, however he drove that way every lap for the entire 22 laps. That doesn't seem right to me as far as the real world would go.
  5. That's the main reason why I dont enjoy open wheelers much..
    In order to be fast in the sim, you need to drive in a way that is completly unrealistic. I just don't like that...
    Tires are a bit less important in the skip, the car tending to keep them in shape quite sometime.
  6. Its the big issue with the current tyre model. When the new one is out then it'll solve that problem - everyone will end up overheating their tyres.
  7. Remember that cars seem way more loose in replay than they actually are (except your own car). And no, you dont have to drive like that to be fast, I dont and I am doing okay. Although my world record at Watkins got beaten this season. :(
  8. I understand there are some lag type issues in replays that are not your own but even being off alot from my point of view this guy should have been driving on the rims after a couple of laps like that...lol...
  9. Well I found a setup that I can control if you want to call it that and get faster with...lol... I am able to hit 1:23's now after a few laps and I think I'll be able to drop that a bit. However the whole tire thing lasting the whole race is a concern.