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Tracks Hillclimb Los Marteles Up&down v2.0

Los Marteles - Gran Canaria

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  1. AMAZING! thanks for this track cranck!! :) salu2s
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  2. I get up in the morning,sit behind my g27 with headphones on..Jump in the Cobra and go for a spin on your track cruising and drifting away.. I love this track so much.. Don't mind any crap you get from anyone man cause this is awesome..Thank you so much..
  3. Cranck updated Hillclimb Los Marteles with a new update entry:

    Hillclimb Los Marteles Up & down + Rally Time App

    Read the rest of this update entry...
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  4. Hi, Very nice tracks both up and downhill. Nice scenary thanks for shareing your fine work.
    One little issue to report: in practice mode the Reneault 5 turbo missing left front wheel.In hotlap mod it is ok, . So far no other cars have this problem.It is not a big matter I have many other cars to play with. Thanks again for those great tracks.
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  6. como suena ese bemeta
  7. Hello, I don't know if you can read English, but today I had a very weird problem with this track
    I chose the reverse layout and the latest Peugeot 504 (which we can download from RD) and the front left tyre was missing!:O_o:
    I have no idea why and it's the first time it happens.
    Maybe cos the car spawns on the grass and not on the road?
    Btw, I also tried to load this car on another track and it was ok though.
  8. chrome says it's malicious n blocks it for me
  9. Same here
  10. chrome is full of $h1t, people shouldn't use Chrome at all
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