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Hill climb in Simbin games

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Nostromo21, Dec 11, 2013.

  1. Hello,

    As I'm new, I've made my presentation in off topic forum. Recently I've gotten Bobs track, and I've tried with a few kind of tracks. The last one is the most problematic. It's my intention make a Hillclimb track for Race 07/GTR2, but I can't get time start. I've moved the finish line just before the start, so in time attack it does, eventhough time never stops, even once you reach the end of the track (it's an open track, by the way). If I change the finish (that black square) to the end, then the clock never starts unlees I go through the finish line, so I'm not able to have any record. I've checked the aiw file, but there is nothing in there about the timing gates. Other matter is the point where the car begin, always floating over nowhere. Closed circuits have no problems, as you can give a complete lap to star the time, but the open are impossible for me.
    Please, does anybody know a solution for this matter? Thak you in advance for your help.
  2. You need 2 finish gates...
    I don't know how but the answer is in these threads, I remember reading some time ago...
    It could have been for rFactor but it's the same principle... ;)
  3. Thanks, Lee, I have already read something about it, but I still don't know how to do it.. There is a hillclimb race in race injection, so I can search for it in those files. Do you know wich ones are?
  4. Hi Nostromo,

    if you want to use the Hillclimb feature of Race07, you need to place the finish at the far end of the track (where the real finish is), and after exporting, rename the xfinish.gmt to xhcfinish.gmt. Don't forget to edit the .trk likewise. The time will start right when you accelerate.
    For ALL other games, you need to have these in exact this order: Starting position, xsector1, xsector2, xfinish, the racetrack, xfinish.

    If you want to see an example for Race07, you can download my Katzenberg Hillclimb from Nogrip.

  5. Thaank you, Neteye, I'll try in a while (kids must have dinner), and I'll post the result. If it works, I'll attach a link for downloading the wip track.
  6. Hello again. Here is a link to a video of the track. Is still in progress, as you know.

    Thanks again,


  7. Hi,

    Neteye, first of all, thanks for your help. I have tried to change to xhcfinish both files, but nothing change in the game. Clock doesn't want to start. I change the finish gate to the begining, but it didn't work either. And, this is another matter, the car, in time attack mode, starts floating in the air, somewhere in the track, but never over the road. I'm desperate.
  8. OK, I've been investigating and have discovered that it must be into the AIW file, in open tracks, one more position in [GRID] and [TELEPORT] family. If you complete one more position, I mean the last one (let´s say if there are until number 19th, just add the 20th) with Pos and Or with coordenates of the first places. You also must add one more grid to the initial number of teams (if it is 20, for 0 to 19 grid positions, must be 21). Then your car will appear over the track instead of floating anywhere. But it´s mandatory that finish gate is before the Start gate. Otherwise the car will appear floating. By the way, the [AUX] and [TIMEATTACK] make no sense for Simbin games.

    The main problem is, in that case, time starts counting, but never stops. Even when you reach the end line (the red gate, usefull only for RBR, but implemented in the EVO version of BOB`s Track Builder). If the finish gate is at the end of the track, then your car will appear floating, so nothig of the written before works.

    I have tried, I already post it, to rename the xfinish file to xhcfinish, but it doesn't work either. Maybe I have to edit that file with 3dsimed and place another finish gate at the very beginning. I don't have such a handling of that software to make it, so I'll have to learn.


  9. Neteye, I have download your track, I opened it with 3dSim, and I have seen what the xhcfinish is made. The problem is that I can't save the file when I change the name of the gate in the trk file, so it doesn't recognize the gate. I just can save the objects, but not the model.

    Thanks again, and sorry for my questions.
  10. Ok. I have done it. Thank you very much, Neteye and Lee. The point was editing the track file with the notepad!!!!!! I'm so ......... I was doing it with 3dsimed. It is exactly as you said. Rename xfinish to xhcfinish, edit the track file and change it there too.

    I fill like the happiest man in the world. And also the most stupid one. Was that simple!!!

    Thank you again. If there something I can do for you, don't hesitate in asking.


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