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WIP Hill 2 (Hillclimb) - rFactor1

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder Projects' started by Jani Rautio, Mar 14, 2012.

  1. Trash the shadows.

  2. Tweak the shadows.

  3. More shadows.

  1. Well, how do i say this. Been working on and off this track about 2 years now. Almost forgot that this existed untill somebody asked me about download link in youtube. Time to dust off the project and see what we have here. It's almost half a year again when i last modified the track and now i't would be nice to get some fresh eyes and ideas on this track.

    Video ~half year ago. Some mouse steering going on there. Not the whole track on video. It's about 4 to 6 min from start to finish depending on car&driver. Shadows are heavily reworked and look like **** now :confused: (Of course i have not saved those "nice" shadow settings in video to nowhere.) Aaaand timing is not working in this version(i'm just lazy nothing else).

    Download url to version 0.3: http://www.mediafire.com/?o0jdty783bee0u8

    I't would be nice to finish the track, because i like to drive it till today after manymanymanymany test "laps" and my test subjects have given me positive feedback, so that everyone that likes hillclimb's would have a chance to drive this merciless piece of tarmac.
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  2. Thanks ehrlec. I was thinking splittin or shorter shadow objects would work but i havent had time to try it out yet. I might go and try it out now how it would look like. Some minor fixing allaround too. And maybe timing for next version(if i remember;)).

    Real-world data... Well if you count youtube video as it, then yes. "Hill1" was loosely based on this video:

    It's the part from start to top of the mountain. Then i got creedy and ~doubled the track length and draw additional track going down down to the "valley". Later part is mostly just made up by me or slightly based in some random hillclimb videos. I just sketched some curves on paper and tried it out and if it worked, it's there.

    Let's see if i get something out at the evening. Coffeemaker locked and loaded.
  3. I agree about the textures. I have some nice textures collected but i haven't yet included them all to the track. Rock faces and tarmac textures are pretty new. Only "problem" is that i should make new (tarmac-)sand-grass texture to plant new grass all over the hillside. Or hide the transition with some sneaky wall or some thing like that :rolleyes:

    Fixed some trees with collision on next to/over track. Trees behind the first trees have collision on that nobody wouldn't drop off to the void. There might be some invisible wall's. I used them to block some early issues falling of the track in some places. It's kinda hard to find invisible wall/'s if they exists because there is like million trees over them and they are invisible :eek:

    Link to 0.3 version: http://www.mediafire.com/?o0jdty783bee0u8

    Clock ticks relentlessly forwards. Maybe i get some more done tomorrow.