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High Tyre Wear in Races - Please help!

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Crozzers, Sep 28, 2011.

  1. I am sure I can't be the only one suffering from this, so please let me know!

    I am driving for Williams (As I have supported them my entire F1 life and their Factory is literally a 10 min drive from my house!)

    The issue:

    In races, I am getting through my tyres extremely quickly. I'm talking doing 2 more stops than the AI. That's using Options to start (from qually that I ONLY do 1 MAX 2 flying laps on.) and from there on only using Primes..

    This is really frustrating me as I have been running in the points on many occasion (all be it 9th or 10th) and then it all goes to pot when I spin or my tyres fall of the cliff and loose me seconds per lap.

    I understand this may be my driving style as I am quite aggressive.. but even so!

    I am playing on Legend with Medium TC and ABS (Yes I know I suck.. using a controller, wheel arrives in 2-3 days!!!)

    Any ideas?

    Many thanks for any replies!

  2. My guess is that it's the controller. Controllers make very jerky movements when steering so that is most likely what's causing your tires to go off.

    When your wheel arrives I'm sure you will see some improvement. Your driving will be smoother.
  3. I hadn't really thought of that mate, makes a lot of sense!

    Let's hope my wheel & pedals arrive sooner rather than later.

    Many thanks for the speedy reply!
  4. Hmm, i'm driving with controller and i'm fine with the stopps. Alwasy doing the same amount as the AI (50% races). I'm driving with ABS of but TC fully on.
    Guess your spinning up the rear wheels too much.
  5. Probably a contributing factor too, damn hard to get the throttle perfect with a controller. I'm also doing 50% races. In Monaco I used 4 or 5 sets and finished with them in terrible condition, Massa only used 3 (He won.)

    Oh well I will wait for me wheel/pedals and also try not to light up the rears so much!
  6. Increase the rear anti roll bar, that will help with tyre wear, also suspention been to high will wear the tyres out quicker. Setting your car up is all about give and take, you set your car up for the best possible overal feel but you are forced to accept that some parts of the track the car will not feel as good as other's. Trying to find a happy medium is the key and getting the balance right is not as easy as it sounds. With medium TC you shouldn't be damaging the tyres as bad as TC been off, are you braking late and locking the wheels a lot. Add more wing to help braking forces and reduce locking up, i don't know how bad camber effects this game but you hear about it all the time in F1 the driver's and team's pushing the camber limits all the time, this effects wear rates as well. Are you using Keers exiting corner's. Try to use Kerrs when your in 3rd gear or higher but its pointless using it after 5th gear as Kerrs is more for acceleration than top speed.
  7. I dont know if you have noticed but your front will wear out faster then your rear if you use controller or keybords. I use the 360 controller and I have set it up so its not as bad but its still not as good as the wheel. Im still w8ing on my wheel :(