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high ping in 1.2C

Discussion in 'netKar PRO' started by Daniel Ouff, Nov 24, 2010.

  1. Anyone else in Europe getting bad ping now in the latest update? I used to refresh the page on joining and all the pings would be lower, but now all pings have doubled. very odd.
  2. Just checked, 7 out of 39 are below 100 for me. I don't recall it being so bad before, maybe I just hadn't noticed
  3. That's interesting, I thought maybe it was just me getting high pings. I was getting pings of around 300-400 to european servers, although strangely I just logged in to check them before writing this and they seem to have normalized again, with the highest now being 250 to Brazil.
    Maybe something has been fixed?
  4. this getting stupid . RD server is showing a low of 188 to a high of 600! last race was a solid 70 or so. I think the server lobby is buggy...just saw a server list showing 63/42 :rolleyes:
  5. I've noticed a bit more lag too in the latest version. Even with friends in the same city (Perth) they're jumping around quite a bit. You can be 10-20 meters behind and then find yourself being launched up into the air. It's a bit annoying. But the game physics are just so awesome that I just can't stop playing...
  6. CAR


    On your server? Kunos has admitted it's its/his weak point. Shame but it looks like we'll just have to live with it, as I've noticed no improvement since v1.2 + either update (well maybe I should reserve judgement until tomorrow when there's a league event (so everyone should be using wired connections)).
  7. Just out of interest CAR which league do you race with if you don't mind me asking? This sim has really grown on me alot lately and really enjoyed tonights longer race and would like to join a league or something with this sim, it's a shame RD don't have anything championship wise.
  8. Dave Stephenson

    Dave Stephenson
    Technical Administrator Staff Premium

    All I'll say is watch this space ;)

    And on topic,
    In tonight's event I didn't have any lag issues, I know some guys have reported issues on and off throughout the life of the title but in honesty I've never had an issue. Not on RD server at least. I guess I should look out for some other servers with peeps in and see how I fair.
  9. Yeah on the one I have running here at work (Perth_AU_10Mb). It's usually really good with anyone who's ping is <100. And it maybe completely unrelated to the update. The latency might have been caused by something else (spike in traffic or network activity, backups kicking in etc).

    Basically it's all nice and smooth with the the driver label for Gull Brock and Adam Aderage who are also in Perth sitting between [30 - 50] ping. Then all of a sudden they jump 10-20 meters on the track. If they jump backwards when you're trying to pick up a tow it can be quite fatal.
  10. Sounds interesting!!!
  11. Right, so pings went back to normal yesterday highest was 250 to Brazil which is fine, between 50-60 for Euro servers.

    Login this morning, pings have basically slightly more than doubled, now 500-600 to South America/Australia 150-180 to Europe.What's going on with that? Anyone else got this problem?
  12. CAR


    I don't mind, the mods might though :p GPC & RSR. GPChampionship's currently out of season, but is a little frustrating anyway, as with pre-qualifying and race 2 based on race 1's finishing order (with the top 6 reversed) your whole event can be ruined by an early incident.

    Radiator Springs Racing's a lot more enjoyable due to there being no PQ, so groups aren't just based on outright speed (luckily for me :)), they also reward consistency. The KS2 champ' starts tonight, and I think they're also going to start using the reversed top 6 for race 2, so we'll see how that goes.

    My worst experience was being on the front row for a GPC group A race, I was overtaken by soooooo many people on the first lap @ Adelaide, it was amazing no one hit me :s

    Odd, normally when that kind of thing happens it's because they're doing something else with their internet connection (downloading or streaming video (whilst driving)) :rolleyes:
  13. Thanks and apologies to the mods if this is wrong, i found Radiator Springs the other night and found their website very frustrating and confusing i'm im honest, everything just felt awkard to navigate. Just could not get a clear idea as to how it works. With this world cup thingy that RD have put together now, hopefully that should fuel my needs for the momment.

    Really enjoyed the long race last night and it gave me my bite back to race proper again after loosing interest in rFactor league racing for various reasons. NetKar has been a huge suprise too me if i'm honest. I bought it last year tried it and thought yeah it's good but not enough but after really spending time with it and actually racing it and actually seeing the tyre model being used properly i just love it and that takes some as i am no open wheeler fan at all, always tried to ignore them in rFactor if i could unless it was the 67's or 79's but now everything else feels very dated too me including rFactor interms of physics and inpaticular the tyre model and FFB.
  14. CAR


    They've just got a new one, so that's part of the problem, although the old one wasn't particularly easy to use :) What I used to do was practice with the league guys (but not actually compete), it's a great way to meet people so you're not a complete stranger when you do sign-up for a league :)