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High end PC & Monitor Setup

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Mathew Addy, Nov 15, 2012.

  1. Hi All

    I have purchased a Vesaro full motion sim rig and need to sort out a computer to run it all and 3 screens.
    The PC spec I’m OK with. It’s going to be high end and the GPU will probably be a GTX690. Does anyone have one of these running 3 screens and all is ok? I just want to know it’s up to the job of running a 5860 x 1080 res or higher with good FPS? I will be running the usual F1 2011/2012, rFactor, Race series etc and i will eventually get onto iracing.
    That brings me to the other issue, The screens. They need to be large, Like 40" and I just don’t think 40" monitors exist. I can’t find any and the only other option is TV's that are expensive because they have loads of features built in that I don’t need.
    Does anyone know of large LED displays that don’t cost a fortune? I’m looking at 3 in a small array around the simulator.
  2. Hi Mat (I notice the single "t" there, Another one!)

    Thanks for the reply. Are you able to go 3D with these?
  3. Jim Cole

    Jim Cole

    That TV that Mat listed is not showing that it is 120Hz capable, so I doubt you are going to be able to do 3D properly on it.

    As for large format monitors, the largest that I am aware of that is available through normal retail and internet outlets is 27". If you have never setup a triple screen, you may find that 27" is large enough as the monitors are usually fairly close to you so you get a huge picture. BTW, the GTX690 should be up to the task of performing decently with full HD monitors, though you might have to keep the AA turned down a little bit to be sure as well as a couple of other options like shadows to medium, things like that.
  4. Hi Jim

    I thought so. I have been looking at expensive 3DTV's and although these are listed as 120hz, They only accecpt 60hz and the graphics only outputs 60hz anyway.
    Would it be ok to reply on the 3DTV's 3D options, Would that work for 3 screens in a small 180 bend as such?

    Also is the 5860 x 1080 ok for what we require? I see lots of people saying you want to go higher but i dont understand how they are doing it if the screens only support 1920 x 1080, Can you give it more still?
  5. Jim Cole

    Jim Cole

    There are a lot of monitors out there that support resolutions at 2560 x 1440 so yes, you could have 3 very high res screens if your hardware supports it. Your graphics cards, and I do stress CARDS, would have to be powerful enough to handle a resolution of 7680 X 1440 with those monitors.

    In order to support 3D, I would imagine that you would need a graphics card that had connectors capable of handling the output. For a single screen this is easy, you just use a dual-link DVI cable. Unless your graphics card has 6 DVI connectors though, this is likely not an option. Some graphics cards do support multiple HDMI connections though, and if you can get one with a pair of HDMI as well as a dual-link DVI connection, you should be able to do it.

    Another thing to keep in mind is that only the ram on the primary graphics card is used for the display on triple screens, so if you get a 4Gb card as your primary it will help for larger resolutions with maximum graphic detail and high res textures.
  6. Hey Mat

    Jim is right about those screens I showed you not being able to do 3D .I will not be going 3D until i don't have to wear the glasses . (prices hopefully should be coming down in a couple of years , by which time i,m due an upgrade ).

    I have seen 30" inch monitors that will give you 120 hz , but like i said you are going to have to drop some serious cash into them. If i remember correctly prices start at around £1500 each :notworthy:.

    Good luck with the build .
  7. Jim Cole

    Jim Cole

    Mat, I was thinking those might be interesting until I looked at the bottom of that page where it shows the information on the TV. Screen resolution 1024 X 768 is not good at all.
  8. Yes i noticed that too , Such a shame.

    But if you are sitting close to them , I am sure it wouldn't matter .