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Hi, Looking for a seat.

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Lii4M_, Feb 20, 2012.

  1. Hello my names Liam, im in the UK, i came across your videos via youtube and have followed them for the latter half of the season and found the way you all race to be very fair, clean, aggressive, its amazing at how hard you all race and manage to keep from hitting the other driver,

    I consider myself to be a very button esque driver saves tyres very well can pump in competitive consistent laptimes and can get a job done, im willing to be a test driver and pump in 100's of laps at a circuit to help a team with setup work etc or hopefully a proper race seat, i have previous experience racing in F1 leagues, but only on the PS3. after codemasters shambles of a game i decided it was time to move onto a proper sim and test my skills, hopefully someone can get back to me with a PM thanks :)
  2. PM to Christian smirnof :)
  3. your experience in racing has only been on the ps3? PC simracing would help alot to secure you get a drivers seat or a testing seat for a team.

    Best of luck :)
  4. best way to start is to sign up and become a licensed member, start doing some club races on here to learn the ropes and to gain the extra experence of how it all orperates, thats the first main step then as you race more your make more friends on here and i,m sure your become noticed by a team owner or find a team to be part off,:)
  5. hi, ive raced on rfactor for years just not in a league enviroment, thanks neil i will do!
  6. that's what im hoping for next season, cheers for the tip, not only that but the videos will give me a view into the driving style of the contenders in the championship.