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Help with the creation of mods

Discussion in 'RACE 07 Mods' started by Andrey Korotkov, Dec 18, 2010.

  1. I want to make a mod with a car Lada Revolution.
    Model such as a mod for the game GTA SA. If anyone knows how to pull out 3d model, tell me. If not, then order a specialist.

    Then physics. At this point I really do not understand. Anyone will be able to me to address this issue?

    Make a wish for the championship. Will be held annually. Vacation.

    Lada Revolution

  2. Vitaly Petrov went to the championship.
    His car was green on the video. Hat is the same as now.)
  3. Privet Andrey Korotkov
    ehehehe niceee videeooo DUDEE Awesomee!!

    yes is a good mod also liked to have it!

    Russian & US Driver
  4. Thank you)

    Tell me please, how many polygons to model in order that the machine was not "heavy"?
    In doing 3dmax textures on the car?
    Experienced builders, help!
  5. all up you want to keep the LOD level 1 to 50,000 polygons
  6. I will be a model. Inside it is empty as a box. Is this normal?
  7. 50,000 includes a cockpit for 3rd and 1st person...
  8. Work is proceeding, the model is almost ready.


  9. Tell me what format you need for 3dSimsEd? Now there is a model in 3dmax
  10. very nice!
  11. Work is proceeding.
    The body has not yet been made. The body will be version 2008. Finalized the details.


    Work is underway to set up physics. It remains to make the motor.

    P.S.I ask the moderator to rename the topic.
    "Development: LADA Revolution II (2008) "
  12. The modification is ready.