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Help with setups

Discussion in 'Automobilista' started by DavidProRacer, Mar 9, 2016.

  1. Hello ! I was driving a lot in past days in the Automobillista and I wanted to know if someone can help me & explain more things where I can tune (setup) specific things. I made a crazy tune to Formula Classic with nearly 2000hp engine with an old rfactor physics engine program and only predictable drive is on 5th gear (6th also, depending on gearbox setup) but when entering a bumpy section on track the only thing that count is luck.I wanted this setup to be more predictable, faster with top speed & acceleration and maybe with higher downforce to not spin out & for more speed. Answer please ! :)
  2. ouvert


    you wanna make stable setup for car with 2000HP that was designed for 600HP ? :D

    well maximum aero, detach or set minimum rear ARB (not sure if Classic has adjustable), as long gearing as possible, lower diff, soften rear susp, minimum preload and stay away from throttle :)
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  3. Well, some your advices help me but looks like the long gears isn't good, car is slower than ever and car feel more unstable with this settings but the time is half second faster so its move forward :D
  4. ouvert


    as long gearing as possible for that setup .. it should help with loosing traction on lower gears ... obviously with high aero there will be more drag and you`ll be slower .. probably not reaching top two gears :)