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HELP with dedicated server and NETGEAR router

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Matteo Montanari, Sep 8, 2010.

  1. I cannot setup a Race07 Dedicated server nor hosting a race.
    I always get a 5000ms ping.
    I have opened all the required ports in my router but it does not work.
    Anybody has a Netgear router and can help me?
  2. i use a netgear & run the server on a seperate pc. and used these port settings

    steamclient1 udp 27000 to 27015
    steamclient2 udp 27015 to 27030
    steamclient3 tcp 27014 to 27050
    steamclient4 udp 4380

    steamserver1 tcp+udp 48942 to 48957
    steamserver2 udp 26900 to 26907
    steamserver3 udp 48958 to 48973
  3. i opened them but I cant host...
    One question
    if I open UDP 27000 to 27030 is it gonna be the same? (instead of 2 entries)
  4. dunno m8, i just set mine up to thouse and it worked :D

    also in dedi setup, set conection to LAN.
  5. ok I will try that again. Did you turn on the DMZ option either you just opened the ports?

    Do the ports need to be open for both the router AND the computer IP ? (for example my router is and my computer is do I open for both? )
  6. nope no DMZ just the ports.

    you need to setup a staic ip on your server pc & use that in the firewall rules.
  7. I did exactly the same as you did but I still get the 5000 ping :(
    I have a Netgear DG834Gv4 Router...
  8. HMmmm

    did you set both outbound & inbound services?

    my route is Netgear DG834GT
  9. NO!
    only inbound!
    do I need to set outbound as well!?!? so that might be the problem!
    I am gonna try !


    I have ALLOW ANY as a default rule for outbound sevices in the firewall property, so I guess I should not add any more rule...
    Am I wrong?
  10. i realy dont know m8, the freind who helped me out knows a lot more than i do and he said to do both inbound & outbound.

    but i can add that getting these dam servers to work can be a pain in the arse, i have Race 07 & rFactor working perfect, but i`m having no luck with GTL pfffffffffffffffffffffff
  11. BINGO!
    thanks mate, the problem was the outbound services rule to be added...
    weird.. as the default rule is set to ALLOW ANY... I guess the router is allowed but the LAN computers are not!

  12. your welcome m8 & i`m glad i could be of help (it shows i must have paid attention when i was being told lol) :cool: