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help with converting

Discussion in 'Racer Problems & Fixes' started by hyperpep111, Apr 21, 2012.

  1. I've been following the tutorial and so far everything has gone well but then I feel like I've reached a dead end with this
    "About the car wheel, select it on the objects float bar and then deselect any other objects. Now, you need to centre the wheel on z=0, Y=0 an x=0. Basically, you put the wheel exactly on the centre of every referential! Then, repeat the same process. Go to "create - objects - uniteselect" and click on the car mesh in any view but the 3d. Give the object a name (left or right, according to the side that the wheel is turned) and press ok. "

    I only have 1 wheel in the car

    [​IMG]And that seems to need 2. If you look carefully you can see the wheel in the centre of the wireframe.
    So can someone further elaborate for me

  2. Yes that is where the wheel must go :) you have done it correctly. Just deselect the body to make it easier to see.
  3. Oh Thanks, I just selected the body to show it to reference.
    But what do I do after that until step 5 is the main problem.
  4. ok.
    you should only have the body selected not the wheel. You then rotate the body 180 degrees in top view and then export it to body.dof you should already have a car folder ready to insert all the textures and the dofs.
  5. What tutorial are you talking about? I actually signed up to this forum in hopes of finding a tutorial to help me import my cars into racer.