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HELP track surface

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by nitroline, Apr 17, 2010.

  1. hi
    i am building a dirt speedway. i have a problem. the texture is dirt. but when you race on it it is on tarmac. when you go aroung th corners white smoke come out of the tyres.

    how do i change the files to let it have dirt/dust from wheels

  2. Go to Edit Materials, find your track texture, and change the selection for rFactor material name or racer surface, depending on the game you're building for. I don't know what's needed for other games.
  3. As far I know, there are just little effects of smoke for tarmac, little brown dust for grass and no dust for gravel, speaking of RBR RX. And I see them only during harder spins. Since there's no outside (field) cameras for playback, I don't suffer to much :)
    How it looks like in high resolution (I use 800x600 only - better FPS ;)
  4. hey nitro email me i can talk you threw it as ive come across this when working on speedway city