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Help-Thrustmaster TX settings

Discussion in 'RaceRoom Racing Experience' started by SnappyDEe, Jun 11, 2015.

  1. Looking for recommendations for the TX/T300RS. I need help setting the Thrustmaster profiler and in game settings. It's been a while so i was wondering if anyone had some updated recommendations.
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  2. jimortality

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  3. Hi Snappy,

    For what it's worth, .. these are mine. I'm using a Thrustmaster TX with the GTE Wheel. Give them a try. If you need more or less force, .. change the Force Feedback Intensity first, .. before you change any other settings. Obviously, the effect settings (last 4 settings) are a personal choice .. i.e. Engine Vibrations etc..

    I've been fiddling with the FF for a few months now, .. and give or take a value here or there, .. they feel good to me, for both the FWD and RWD cars.

    If nothing else, .. it's a starting point .. :)

    See pics for settings.


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  4. Hi again,

    I nearly forgot, .. in Advanced Settings, .. I have Steering Sensitivity currently set to 35. Whatever you do, .. I would reduce it from the default of 50.

    Apologies for the additional post, .. for some reason I couldn't Edit my original post. :(

  5. jimortality

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    Lol I'll try and post mine for the tx soon but it's work in progress.
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  6. Thanks guys. Tom, I will try yours soon and get back to you.
  7. jimortality

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    Force Feedback Intensity 100%

    Steering Force Settings
    Steering Force Intensity 50%
    Understeer 100%
    Vertical Load 170%
    Lateral Force 110%
    Steering Rack 0%

    Force Feedback effect settings
    Engine 0%
    Brake 0%
    Kerb 40%
    Shift Effect 30%

    This was with the BMW Z4 ADAC on Bathurst. This felt quite good to me. I tried the Thomas files and it didn't feel right to me but obviously it's all personal preference.
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  8. Thanks - this thread has been super helpful for me with my T300. I'll have to try reducing sensitivity from 50 to 30ish and see what that does. I also reduced overall FFB a few clicks as I'm using the leather 28 wheel which is a bit lighter.
  9. Okay guys. So, I tried many of these settings but I still have two problems. here is my best attempt and describing them:

    1. No resistance when turning the wheel. I prefer to have some resistance when turning in. Preferably something that is progressive .

    2. This one is tough to describe but...when I turn the wheel it feels like there is a delay/lag between when I turn and when the car responds. By then, I have to correct and there is some lag with That input. Its ugly. @Msportdan describes it as "floaty" but I think what we are experiencing is the same thing. The inputs are delayed/indirect.

    I am running both sim and TX profiler at 900.
  10. Msportdan

    @ Simberia @Simberia

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