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Help on the xbox controller with expert difficulty.

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Pat Rodgers, Jul 10, 2011.

  1. I'm having real problems keeping the car from spinning out on any corner and feel i have to tiptoe around them instead of being able to accelerate even after hitting the apexes. I can drive cars fast without using t c on other games like forza3 ( once in the top 30's now top 200 on overall leaderboard). I feel the problem is the o to 18000 rpm being controlled on the 1/2" of right trigger and without traction the fast injection of revs just spins me out even in a straight line. I find it hard to apply gentle acceleration on so little throttle room, with massive fingers lol.
    If anyone has some tips on using the controller on expert difficulty I'd appreciate the input and I'm sure many others who stuggle with the controller would aswell.
    I also do a lot of laps in tt to compare and learn the circiuts on expert difficulty and when I complete a lap its a good 4 secs down on using the traction times The cars cant handle the corners aswell without traction.
  2. Believe it or not the travel of an F1 cars' throttle pedal is only 30-40mm - a lot closer to the pad than you might initially think. It's certainly a handicap though, and as long as you realise the detrimental effect steering inputs have on traction under acceleration, and the need to maximise the width of the track in the corners, then all I can really think of to help is practice.
  3. I didnt find it a problem with the xbox controller, i found it surprising how much feel you get through your fingers and how precise you can be.

    I tend to look at the throttle in this way with only 3 settings.

    off power.

    half throttle.

    full throttle.

    ie.. just use half throttle untill corner exits.. I wouldnt worry about feeding in the power so much.
  4. Tox-Laximus

    @ Simberia @Simberia

    Bah, just use TC and let your pc do all the donkey work :p
  5. bad advice :)

    Tis no fun!!
  6. I know this may sound like heresy but I find just using the A and X buttons for accelerating & braking works better for me than the trigger buttons. I use them to look left & right and turn off the rear view!
  7. TC is the only assist I use, tried taking it off but had the car spinning all over the track.
  8. Practice makes perfect really, i had that problem and resorted to using medium TC but the more laps you pump in, the more time you spend on the car and go round the track you should get it.
  9. I've recently turned my remaining assists (TC and auto gears) off and find that I can manage the throttle far better exiting corners using the trigger (RT), as all the depression arc of the trigger is available for power, rather than about half with TC on medium.

    Being in the right gear helps a lot, but like guys have said, it's practice. Getting to learn what you can get away with on certain corners on certain gears. Hope it helps.