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help needed

Discussion in 'rFactor 2' started by kamackeris, Oct 17, 2015.

  1. kamackeris


    i love this sim but there are various parts of the game that really annoy me. i love running the nissan gtr's but having the same car skins repeating kills the immersion. so i downloaded the community skin pack which is great but then the drivers are named things like max or hamilton, not first and second names. all i want to do is race against the ai with different properly named drivers driving different skinned cars....why is this so hard to do ??? any help guys !!
  2. If you setup a race with 20 AI. RF2 will choose 20 random cars for you.

    To select specific cars to race with:
    - Set up a race with a practice session with 0 AI.
    - During practice session click on the arrow next to "add AI"
    - you'll get a dropdown list with all the cars you can add.
    - click on the cars you want to add.

    If the community skin pack are lose skins (no package) you can alter the driver-names in the .rcd file and rename the car-skin folder (= driver name) accordingly.
  3. kamackeris


    Thanks for your reply I will look at that later. Rf2 is not the most user friendly game lol but I just bloody love the feel of them Nissan gtrs!
  4. It might not be very user friendly, but it's possible. ;) And i think it's +/- the same procedure with any game that is modable.

    But never the less, there are a lot of things that could be implemented and improved to make offline championships more interesting with rF2.

    rF2 has the feature to create a Vmod that is selectable in "Series" in single player mode.
    A Vmod is a selection of cars, tracks and race rules you could use for an offline championship.
    Currently it's used for setting up a server.

    But selecting the specific AI cars, real road, weather, race length, car upgrades, flag rules, quali procedure, start procedure, session starting time, etc... That needs to be done manually round per round. All these things could be implemented in the Vmod too. So you simply select the serie you want to do and the next round to continue your offline championship.

    I don't know which PC race-sims games have pre-made offline championships out off the box. But it's something rF2 can offer. All race settings, points scoring, money/credit earning, etc ... are in the .rfm file structure. But it hasn't been implemented or not in use.

    ... ISI isn't done developing and improving rF2 ... :)
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