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Help in Driving?

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Youssef Karam, Sep 21, 2014.

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  1. Lol, I can't believe I'm posting this, but I need some tips for driving better... It's not that I'm a bad driver but I want to get even better. This happened after I saw a guy that beat Hamilton's lap at Monza on Assetto Corsa and me trying to do the same. the guy got a 1:24.618 compared to Hamilton who got a 1:28.004 and I got a 1:31.765. I'm going to post the video soon on YouTube,
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  2. James Wilson

    James Wilson

    Hey uh watched your Silverstone vid, from what I see you are far too leanient with both brakes and throttle, you go full throttle in 5th a good idea is 3rd gear it will save loads of time, just be more aggressive and if you make a mistake then learn from it, mistakes are your friends theoretically just brake later and throttle earlier
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  3. Thankss! Its just that sometimes I hate it when I step on the gas pedal more than I should and the car spins off. The road or when I brake too hard and the front wheels lock. I posted a new video on Monza if you would like to check it! :)
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  4. ouvert


    Variante de Rettifilo: you could try to brake little bit latter .. between 150 and 100 m sign
    Variante dela Rogia: againg it should be possible to start braking under that bridge not before it
    Curva di Lesmo: try to go for 4th gear .. might be faster .. not sure
    Curva del Vialone: try to push braking zone as far as possible for you (as close to the place where curbs starts on the right side)

    Speed you are carrying through corners seems to be pretty much perfect ..

    but i don`t know the Merc W05 mod so maybe just scratch all I`ve said :)
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  5. I will try that! Thanks!
  6. eSEA One

    eSEA One
    eSEA One

    @Youssef Karam what pedals do you have?
    I have got the Logitech G27 with a few mods that has helped me a lot.
    • The GTEYE PROGRESSIVE BRAKE SPRING a much better feel
    • Leo Bodner - Logitech® G25/G27/DFGT/DFP - Generic Pedals Adapter for a higher resolution signal
    • DIView.exe found on the LeoBodnar site. I adjust my throttle to shift the midpoint so that I use more pedal distance for the first half of the pedal throw and less at the top end. this gives more precision on the early part of pushing the pedal when the car is sensitive to wheel spin and less to the last part when the car is traveling faster. This also helps standing starts, last night I jumped 4 or five cars with the Exos S1 at the start
    • In AC settings I set the brake gamma with a bit of a curve. for the similar reasons to the steering above
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  7. I have the G27 too! I'll try getting those mods, but do they keep the experience real? I mean I want to keep the simulation the closest to reality. Thanks! :thumbsup:
  8. eSEA One

    eSEA One
    eSEA One

    Well it depends on how much you have to spend, if you have a G27 I take it the budget is a tight one. If you have no limit you could go crazy, you can spend over 1000 for a set of pedals not to mention all the other hardware to make it "real" which might get you close but never there!

    The mods I have done have been worth it and have improved the originals but there are three others i would like to do.
    1. Pedal extenders - these will give the original, rather short, pedal travel a more realistic reach , these can be completely DIY or there are some out there that you can buy or in development.
    2. [ Prevent the brake from bottoming out. The GTEYE is an improvement but it still allows for the brake to fully compress the spring unlike a real car it gets progressively harder the more you press the pedal. Here there are some options:
      • Load cell and or hydraulic mods, these are very expensive relative to the cost of the G27 set and for me unlikely.
      • A mod I have seen on YouTube where one puts in a O-ring and sealing the vent hole, creating an air pocket and together with the GTEYE spring, give that real feel. Up till now I have not found the correct sized ring.
    3. When the "Pots" wear out (which apparently they do) I will replace them with a "Hall" magnetic sensor, once again a DIY or a purchase at a cost.
  9. Today, I tried getting a better lap time after taking advice from each one of you guys. I got a 1:30.1xx at the beginning while struggling to get below 1:30.000 then after multiple restarts and getting angry :p, I got a 1:29.213 which is a bit satisfying :rolleyes:. I'll be posting the video soon. Thanks guys! :laugh:
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  11. Glad to see you're getting better and close to your time goal. Just remember that in racing, to be consistent usually pay more dividends than to be a hotlapper. You gotta be fast, sure, but stay in control (within ~1 sec from best time) and practice to turn within +/- 100~200ms margin every single lap, without crashing. Do this for 20 or more laps, or until your tyres allow, and then you'll be hard to beat in a long race.
    On most races I take part in MP, hotlappers always start in front, then usually end up in the grass or armco few laps down the road. Be fast, but don't forget to aim for consistency too.
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  12. That's what I do in MP races! I like your thinking ;) I just drive as a hotlapper on Hotlap mode :p that's why it gets me pissed because most laps I push too hard and my car ends up getting off track. So sometimes to set a lap record, I just enter the Quick Race mode and race and end up getting a better time since it gets me more focused and more consistent, as you said.:thumbsup:
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  15. Quite good, Youssef!
    In general, try to brake more from the outside. aim for the white line on the outside; a bit of a slide through Lesmo 2; stay closer to the curb at exactly 1:24 to 1:25 in the video, this will give you more exit speed.
    What are your wing settings?
  16. Thanks!
    I know about staying closer to the curb :/ it was annoying me but I posted the video anyway :p lol
    So there are my settings :

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  17. Hello guys! Posted some new videos. Here's the links if you wanna check and give me some feedback. Thanks!
    edit: you can post all your videos here http://www.racedepartment.com/media/
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  20. Can't say much from TV cam, but still it's visible you need to use all the space on corner entry. From onboard it's also easy to see that you're turning in too late. This is leading to overloading front tires, going too deep and too late on power, driving out too slow. If you try turning in earlier you will cut the track in the way ur doing it now, so if you use all the road on entry and turn in earlier and with less angle at first then you'll be able to drive the same speed in, but a lot more speed out. It might take weeks to train it in. You need to become more confortable with where your wheels are.

    Remember you always turn into the corner from the white line, or even curb if there is one and always accelerate before inside curb, unless if there is a really short straight. Just on entries you can gain .2 this way and on exits depending on the straights up to .3. If you can gain half of this on what you're doing it's going to be a job well done. But to do it, you need to scale down the size of your command, filter in more sensitivity if you know what I mean, every imput you do will become more sensitive. You'll have less room for errors, but that's why you need to be more connected with your car.
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