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Help for an rFactor newbie

Discussion in 'rFactor 2' started by Miguel Gonzalez, Mar 20, 2012.

  1. Hey there I've been playing the Codemasters F1 games and used to dabble in rfactor a bit but moving onto the new beta I feel terribly overwhelmed. I try to play with as little aids as i can but this just feels like I'm driving on glass. I cant believe a formula renault car can have so little grip. I started with all aids off and couldnt keep the car on track a single lap, turned them all on...and still didn't fare much better.

    Granted I've never driven a forumla car but I kart whenever possible around me and it just feels wrong. Even trying to baby the car around the track at half revs it just seems like it will not grip the track. Braking is even worse I cant even apply half brake without feeling the rear snap loose. I use CSR-elite pedals w/load cell but I'm not even getting near a lockup before i lose the car.

    I know its just practice, practice, practice but I'm hoping someone can give me a little bit of advice. I do primarily open wheeler racing if that helps any. Any tips for someone going from racing games to racing sims?
  2. Marco Bijl

    Marco Bijl
    adMAXIhater (O.O.O.)

    Just a question, did you set the ranges of your controller?

    What I noticed the first time I played was when I hit the brakes just a tab, they blocked on me. I looked in the settings tab, and noticed I had about 5% travel, and then it was full power.

    Go to the settings, get your foot of the pedals and click the Set 0 (or something like that) button.
    Then push the pedal max, and set the max button. That might be a huge difference!
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  3. you probably got same problem as me :) and i made post here aswell. You got new things in setup but more important is bump rebound to dont slip on accelerate and brake:) if u got brake problems move brake bias to front and increase coast on differential setting, u need to car make more understeer to handle and then make small step method to make it more oversteer and gain pace, after 100 laps u will get setup for your preference and pace :) try f1 ligue mod 2012, its a bit easier to drive there and download my setup

    oh regarding here :) making more front wing degree will make car oversteer so try for first lower front wing higher rear wing, there are some nice setup guides how to balance your car, but formula renault is not my favourit either, it is bumpy on corners and i cant really feel teh car,

    Oh and another tip coz i am migrating from codemaster too and you migrate some mistakes from this game aswell. Dont brake FULL u will spin u dont want to lock up rear tyres which will occur in spining just test with bias and braking sensitivity to make u comfortable. :)
  4. Avoid the F3.5, it's clearly a piece of junk.
    The megane and new GT's aren't too bad.
  5. @Marco Bijl thanks for the tips here. Having the same problems as Miguel and will try tonight.
  6. b85 has greatly improved the quality of dry racing physics, so now it's a question of set up, practice and learning racing technique.
    rf2 is harder to drive than some other sims IMO, but at least it's now responding to good driving technique.