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Help! F1 mod and track not working

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by bibb229, Jan 17, 2011.

  1. :confused: Sorry but this may have been asked numerous times but im about to go bald due to pulling my hair out. Just got rfactor and downloaded a F1 2009 mod and downloaded Spa as didnt know what tracks there would be. No experience with rfactor but really need some advice.

    Extracted files and added to correct file I think as F12009 mod appears in the in game menu where you choose the series and I can seem to buy/select an f1 car. I can then select Spa. When I load the track it takes me back to the first car/track you get with the game. What am I missing? Sorry if its something straight forward and im ready for the abuse
  2. Tried creating f12009 series but rfactor stops working.
  3. It might be your money in game what to try is getting in a car that came with the game and load a track and the when there in the chat window type this


    If not then then pm Ryan Callan he is the man in the know with rfactor