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HELP!! BTB crashed and venue.bin is empty!!!!

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by senna4ever, Dec 1, 2010.

  1. The title says it all... BTB crashed and now the venue.bin file is 1kb and empty inside!!!!! I open the project and there is nothing left!

    Is there any way to recover it??? (yes, i know i should've backed up, saying it won't help)

    The files on the Temp folder are only around 140kb, this is (or was) a 15km track :frown:
  2. I don't think the size matters, after all, the file is just a list of Binary numbers. Just try renaming the latest one to venue.bin and see what happens. Other than that I can't help.
  3. I hope you get it sorted out, if you have lost it and have win7, try going into the previous versions thingy.

    But don't lose all hope, even if you have lost it, there are ways to get it back but not into btb, you will have to step out of the box and work on it another way.
  4. Some time ago I had the same. Tnx to Erwin Greven I could restore it all.

    If I remember correct: BTB has some restore funktion. In BTB folder is a map called Temporary files with random names in it.
    Copy the latets file and copy into "myprojects/yourtrack" After that rename this one into "venue.bin" and hopla :)

    And/Or check this also and use it plz: (Great tool from R. Soul)


    Good luck m8
  5. Thanx for all the replies. I checked the Temp files folder, the thing is that from the date and time of the files, I know that none of them are the one that I need. they are from other sessions where I worked in test tracks. It seems that BTB did not save any temp files on my last session, wheer I worked on the actual track, the one that I actually need.
  6. Thats sad senna. First thing when I read about your problem was copy of my current track I made.