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helmet changing

Discussion in 'F1 2011 Mods' started by biba, Jul 23, 2012.

  1. Hello!
    First of all sorry for this thread, I hope I didn't go ahead with any rules.

    I would like to ask for Your help. I made my own helmet and I would like to put it into the game but not instead of the general helmets you can choose in career mode but instead of Perez's helmet. (I play in grand prix mode not in career mod). So I found two files about Perez's helmet. I changed them with my own helmet file, but the new helmet appears only in the intros. I mean when Perez get in the car and when he get off from it. When he sits in the car during the race, his old (green) helmet seen.
    Could anyone tell me if is there any other file I should change or what could be the problem? Please!
    Thank You guys in advance!!
  2. ML2166

    If quizzes are quizzical then what are tests?

    F1 2011/cars/sa1/livery_01/textures_high/sa1_tex_high_01.pssg

    F1 2011/cars/sa1/livery_01/textures_low/sa1_tex_low_01.pssg
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  3. Thank You very much ML2166!!!!

    It works!! I'm really happy! Thank You I appreciate it a lot!!! Thanks!!
  4. ML2166

    If quizzes are quizzical then what are tests?

    No problem. :thumbsup: