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Helmet cam FOV locked to max 84

Discussion in 'Project CARS' started by Alberto Zanot, May 7, 2015.

  1. is there a way to unlock the helmet cam fov?
  2. in default settings test what key or button where it is i have a g25 and that button is left black one on my gear consloe up highest then i can switch cameras with
  3. uh?!
    i know how to switch cameras.
    i am talking about the field of view of the helmet cam, that is locked to 84 degrees max.
  4. go to cameras in the menus, there will be numbers there for each one. that is the FOV value. Lower or raise it to your liking.
  5. On PC, they are default 80, when I touch them they jump to 88 and wount go back down :/

    Bug I suppose. Unless the bracket keys override that setting.
  6. Bracket keys do override. Go into a practice session and tweak with the bracket keys until you get what you like.
  7. but, BUT, the maximum is locked to 84, for the helmet view.
    you cannot go higher, neither with the brackets keys.
    try to use brackets in helmet view. you will notice that it will stop at a point, and try to keep on pushing the bracket. when you will push the other bracket, to decrease, nothing happens until you go again below 84.

    why don't you people try before write?
  8. ok, with CTRL+K you can enter edit camera mode, now i can go higher fov (numpad + and -) but the seat position (WASD) can't go further than i would like.
    is there any command line for the dev mode?
    the command -gold does not seems to work.
  9. From what I understand you can use the 'Speed Sensitivity' sliders to increase Helmet FOV.

    For example if you have your Helmet FOV set to 84, and have your 'Max Speed Sensitivity' set to 110%, your FOV over that speed will be ~92. If that makes sense.
  10. it should, but helmet cam never goeas higher than 84.