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Hello new to F1 2010

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Lost Mohican, Aug 27, 2011.

  1. Lost Mohican

    Lost Mohican

    Hello! Just got F1 2010 for xbox and love it! I am really glad i found this board as its helped me quite a bit with some of the technical set ups. I have seen a lot of you post and it seems most of you have really great cars....Ferrari and such but I have had to start off with the Lotus. My top speeds dont compare to the ones i see posted with the better cars...my question is, how do i get into a faster and more maneuverable car!
  2. Stephan Cason

    Stephan Cason

    race race race. I started playing a week ago. half way through the season, ( doing turkey now ) and still waiting for a offer and I am trashing the heck out of my teammate stat wise. Throw me an invite so we can race an compare track times.
  3. Eric Parker

    Eric Parker

    Offers won't come until after Valencia. But yeah, other than that, practice. And you won't be as fast as the cars in TT or GP mode. TT is unrealistic and GP mode has all updates on the car.
  4. Dave Begley

    Dave Begley
    dave1968uk Premium

    Ive just started myself (even though i registered here a while back) and jumped straight in to online racing. Its a lots better than racing ai offline although offline is better for making your setups due to having practice sessions.

    The general answer in most how do i get better threds though is Practice Practice Practice (i still need loads but im working on it)
  5. Lost Mohican

    Lost Mohican

    I did more practice and got a steering wheel. My times are much better after i go it....actually made pole today and finished in the top 3. I cant wait for 2011 to come out.
  6. Dave Holmes

    Dave Holmes

    Hi, Guys have already said it but an offer for next seson comes after about 2/3 of 1st season. You will be asked who your biggest rival is from the 3 drivers immediately above & below you in the Championship.
    e.g. You are 3rd in Championship - Alonso is 1st, Webber is 2nd, Hamilton 4th. You are asked which of these is your main rival. You must beat the one you picked and you will become his team-mate for the next season. So pick & beat Hamilton and you will be driving a McLaren the next year.
  7. Lenard Schaeffler

    Lenard Schaeffler

    Steps to getting better
    1) Take xbox, throw out window
    2) Go to frys, or newegg.com build yourself amazing gaming PC (eyefinity [3+monitors] highly recommended), make sure to install mods
    3) Get yourself a nice wheel, I am partial to the Logitech G27, but I am also biased (seems to be a theme of this entire post)
    4) Use your first season as a "gimmie" season, "difficulty" set to amateur, assists taken off as you feel more comfortable, main objective setting a "rival" choose a rival based on the team you would like to race for
    5) MAKE SURE to beat said rival in points
    6) Start next season in "faster and more maneuverable car" of your choice
    7) Be prepared to be disappointed at end of second season when you have to switch teams to another high ranking team because your rep is not high enough
    8) Disregard steps 1-3 if you like

    Other option
    Select a team from the beginning, play a season or two with that team, end up with great fast and maneuverable car
  8. David O'Reilly

    David O'Reilly
    A bad quali means I can go forwards in the race. Premium

    Nice to welcome some more Xbox drivers.
    The game actually plays really well on Xbox and we have a healthy league going plus regular club races incl Thursadays Pro Am. Get your licence Mohican and come a race on Xbox live with RD.
    Re career: Your Lotus will get faster, make sure you do the R&D when offered.
    Have a read of my guide if you like there is much detail in there to help you get faster and enjoy the game. Its on a sticky thread at the top.
    Your Lotus will also get faster each season. There are 5 car tiers and it will go up a tier if you do ok in WCC.
    I am in year 5 of 7 in the Lotus and its a beast now.
    Be aware the rival offer only lasts one season unless your rep points reach the level for that team. I've done it th elong way and about to get Red Bull offer in 1/2 Rep Point