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PC Hello, From Sunny Dubai!

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Asterix, Apr 19, 2015.

  1. Hi all,

    Just thought I'd drop in a quick post to say hello.

    I've been racing AC for a while now and I'm slowly getting there online and in time-trials - I may have raced with some of you before.

    I wouldn't mind looking at Club & League racing, so I'll have a look around the forum and work out how to be part of those if it's possible - and maybe even Team stuff if there's anything about, and if I'm deemed worthy.

    Thanks in advance for your patience when I post up daft questions and dafter answers to questions.

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  2. Hey Asterix,
    You have to be a licensed member of RD to join their leagues, unless of course you were soliciting for leagues outside of RD. I've requested license but never got the chance to learn from the RD guys as my time zone is odd from the usual GMT.

    And yeah, I believe we've raced together in ALOOG some time I think. Dang, how's the heat in Dubai? :)
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  3. Hey Joel, it was 30c this morning first thing as I left for work...

    RD Clubs & Leagues will do just fine - they have a good reputation as far as I can see and it's why I joined up as a Premium Member. I'll look into how to get a licence and whatnot later when I have a bit more time.
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  4. Andrew

    Staff Member Premium Member

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  5. Hi Andrew - great, many thanks.

    I'll look into the info later.
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  6. Hey Asterix, yeah seen you a few times running Spa on the Aloog public server. You are usually up front and i am usually mid field :)
  7. Hi there - there can be some nice racing there if you're lucky with the mong count.