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Hello everyone, GSC2012 online population?

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Stelios, Dec 10, 2012.

  1. Stelios

    Premium Member

    Hello everyone, my first forum post here. Excuse my English, its not my native language.

    I am an old GTR2 racer, not the greatest driver, but man did i love that game.
    I am currently building my Ricmotech RS-1 in anticipation to Assetto Corsa but the tech demo seems to be taking too long to release so i gave in and bought GSC2012 after reading all the good reviews.
    The game is great, i love the mini especially but there is no one to race against online. Most online servers with people inside are usually locked and the only time there are people in open servers is really late at night ( I live in Europe ). Where are all those people who recommend this game to everyone in the forums? The max number of people online i have seen is 30. I guess all this hype goes to waste? 30 online players is nothing. What can i do to race against the people in locked servers? I am not an "alien", i have a job and i cant commit to a league. Right now it seems no one is playing this "public" if you know what i mean.

    Oh, did i mention its a great "game"? :)

    See you around.
  2. Marco Bijl

    Marco Bijl
    adMAXIhater (O.O.O.)

    We do not "use" public racing RaceDepartment. We only do organized events, which have a fairly high quality of racing and racing drivers.
    I can only recommend you to apply for a free license here, (do not forget to read this first)and join our racing club. Joining is free, and the fun is huge.
  3. Stelios

    Premium Member

    Thank you, ill look into that.

    I have a couple more irrelevant questions and maybe i should write them down here in this post.

    1) I was thinking of a triple monitor setup, with 23 or 24 inch monitors. Is it worth it right now with all these fat bezels? Some models like the asus monitors have thin bezels but its still a deal breaker for me. Are there any plans for almost borderless monitors? ( I also own a Track IR system, i could use that to look left/right until i find a better solution)

    2) I haven't really raced "competitively" so i was wondering if you guys could point me out to some nice youtube videos showing the basic rules of overtaking, defending and what not in racing. I would hate to ruin races for people because i don't know the rules of defending / overtaking etc... I hope you understand what i am trying to say!
  4. Marian Zelenka

    Marian Zelenka
    The downforce is strong with this one. Premium Member

    If you apply for a license and try Club races here, you'll see that not everyone is an alien. :) If there is enough sign-ups, you'll get someone with the same speed as you. GSC has very good default setups, so no tweaking is necessary.

    I wish too there was more sign-ups here, but we need more people to join this forum. The more the better. There were times in Race 07 that I didn't hesitate to sign-up in advance because I wanted to be on that list!
  5. Marco Bijl

    Marco Bijl
    adMAXIhater (O.O.O.)

    Club racing is indeed a learning experience, for all levels. As long as you are able to drive around, without banging everyone in the wall, you can learn :). Lap times differ a lot in terms of aliens and guys like myself. But thats totally irrelevant in terms of the joy you get from a race.

    When you start driving reguarly, you will see that some people are about the same pace as you are, and mostly, that will bring some great racing. And with great racing, it doesnt matter if its for first or last position. Its the joy and fun that count.
  6. I use 3 x 22inch monitors for race sims, the bezels have never been an issue for me, from the first time I used this setup, they just fade into the background. I took a bit of care setting them up first time, and I find that I naturally focus on the scene and never notice the bezels. Would not race an other way now :)
    (mine are LG monitors, bezel is pretty slim but nothing special, I also overlap them to reduce this to minimum, so middle monitor is set forward very slightly).
  7. I think that the servers you're mentioning are Brazilian servers. There are some of them up regularly, but yes, they are locked (reason why I never race there, even being brazilian). I also dont compete on Club races (would love to), because of the time of day (I'm usually still working during Club races). So, I ended up being an offline player. :(
    At least the AI is fairly good.
    Waiting for AC too.