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Hello and a thanks

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Phil Hopkins, Jan 6, 2011.

  1. I've posted a few times and finally raced for the first time last night in the US Mini race at Limerock. Thought I'd introduce myself a bit more fully and say thanks for the great welcome a race with this community.

    I think i've found a great group to learn from and race with. I've been away from racing sims for over a decade. Used to race offline in the Papyrus days (NASCAR and IndyCar with a joystick!). I really enjoyed it but got tired of the AI. Life happened and i never seemed to have the computer for sims. Finally a year or so ago I bought a good desktop and got FSX right away (I'm a RL pilot and like to practice when the weather isn't good for RL flying). From FSX i discovered MP, and then joined an online group flying IL2, then Rise of Flight. Good fun, but not very realistic (although RoF comes close)

    Then, just a month or so ago I decided to re-explore my love of racing and bought LFS. Like the sim, but the MP is silly. Servers seem to be full of crashers rather than racers. So looked around and bought NetKar. Love the sim! Found RD and a great group to race with, although most of them are from EU so the time difference keeps anything but weekend racing out of range for me. And I don't want to race open wheel all the time, and really don't want to race wing formula much, so explored further and found you guys, and bought Race On and GTR Evo and a G27 and joined in last night.

    What a great and helpful group, just like the NetKar guys. RD seems to be a great place to race! I'm looking forward to racing with and learning from the group! Hope to find some races with mod cars of a more historic vintage as well. Going to try to make the Escort race.
  2. Cheers & welcome :wink:

    Btw, I bet a few here have a similar background to simracing than yours... For instances, in virtual world terms, I too came from a Papyrus "past" (even the old Amiga Indy 500, real time full 200 laps :cool:) with a flight yoke (Joystick) also used for MFS in CGA/ECGA/EGA on the PC :wink:.
  3. Yes, nice to have found a community of more...ahem....mature racers! :-}
  4. welcome Phil!

    I started gaming in 1981 and never looked back !