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Heads Up

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by Steve O'Malley, Jul 23, 2012.

  1. Just in case anyone missed it, the Spec Rcer Ford is getting its own series for the forthcoming series.
    If youve not tried it, you wont be surprised to find its not the fastest car in the world but in terms of good fun and enjoyment I think its better than the Skippy.
    Personally I dont think IRacing have publicised it enough hence my post so have a go if you get a chance starting at Watkins then moving onto Brands Hatch for week 2.
    When you get used to the off throttle oversteer you will find its a great way or rotating the car.
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  2. I just dusted off that old thing and took it out for a few hot laps, and man I could not keep it on the track. I was at Lime Rock and it would spin out so easy. How do you drive this thing. I have raced every road car except the Lotus and the Skippy, so I have a decent fell for all the cars, but this is car feels real bad to me. Its way different now then when I used to race it.
  3. Strangely enough after driving the Skip Barber for a while, I’ve found the SRF is a lot easier to control and more predictable.

    Try the baseline set, raise the rear ride height to about 4.25” ease off the front BB a bit and drop the tyres to 20 and 24. This car has massive off throttle oversteer so you have to ease of gently.

    After a few laps at Watkins I got down from 2.18’s into the 14’s. I hope to be in the 13’s by the start of the season. Fast guys will be 11’s.