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HE sim pedals seetings for assetto corsa

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Daniel Bida, Jul 25, 2015.

  1. Hey guys

    i need some help
    i have a feeling something with my He pedals seetings for Assetto corsa isnt right
    i lock up very instantly and with acclearation something the same : too much wheel spin with the slightest touch on the gas . it feels just odd

    any suggestions for the ones who owns the HE pro pedals ?
  2. IRobot


    Did you calibrate in DIView and then run the controller setup wizard in AC ?

    If so, what values did you set in DIView ?
  3. and make sure your brake gamma ingame is set at 1.00
  4. this are the values i made in Diview , im quite sure they are wrong for AC :
    throttle :
    Min- 545
    Center - 680
    max - 1360

    Brakes :
    min - 320
    center - 550
    max - 1100

    dont ask me why i put this values it just what felt drive able. brake Gamma at 1.00 would make more lock ups in the current settings .
    it affects driving and laps times pretty badly...thats sure. im not as near as close to the top guys like other sims i play.
  5. IRobot


    Your "center" values are wrong. They should be in the middle of Min and Max. i.e. 953 for throttle and 710 for brakes. Your not using much brake range either. My brake max is 2600.
    Make the "center" changes then set Gamma to 1.00 in AC and it should be much better.
  6. oh i tried it now
    thank u so much , big big change now . it feels ten times better
    now that i changed also the max brake range i even overshoot the corner a bit cause i need to push the brake harder...lol
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