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Misc HD Windshield Damage 1.1

texture replacement

  1. Xedrox submitted a new resource:

    New Windshield Damage - HD

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  2. Strange. I`m still using the original release of this and it`s still working as of the latest update. I haven`t had to do anything - it just works fine.

    Thanks for the excellent job, btw. Couldn`t live without it ;)
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  3. That is strange. Oh well. Glad you're still enjoying it!

    Thanks for the feedback.
  4. 1.0, Original CRC F770CE2D, your fix CRC 692B207E
    1.1, Original CRC F770CE2D, your fix CRC 692B207E
    same file?
  5. Hi Yoshino,
    My update was just subtle changes of opacities and minor adjustment of cracks in an attempt to look a bit better for cars with small windshields like the Praga and 919. In my testing back and forth its entirely possible I uploaded the wrong (original) one by mistake. Thanks for pointing it out. In the mean time, as long as it works for you, I may just fine tune it some more before re-releasing again.

    Thanks for the feedback. Hope you are enjoying it.
  6. Same here, also still original release and working as before the update. Unless Kunos used it for the new Porsches. Have not tried other cars yet, too busy with the P's...
  7. Bit of bad news.... the glass still works in the latest porsches, but the mapping on the side windows of the 917 is a little... crazy. Very obvious just by looking out the left window.

    It might just need one edge of the texture altered to "wrap around" to match the other side, but they may have rotated that section of the glass mapping too, making it more difficult. *Sigh*

    Just a heads up, in case you`re still planning on updating this anytime :)
  8. yes please, i love this mod
  9. Thanks for the heads up! I'll do some tests and see what I can come up with for a fix.
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  10. From what I can tell, the side window of the 917 is two pieces of glass. I imagine in real life the smaller window slides open within the larger window. So theres not really anything I can do. It doesnt look the best once its cracked, but I think it is supposed to be like that.
  11. It's the same with the Ford GT40, but more obvious that it's two pieces of glass.
  12. Yeah, had a good look earlier, and it just sits really awkwardly on the glass on a couple of the cars. It`s not particularly nice to look at on those, but it still sure as hell beats the default cracked screen to the finish line by a good few laps :)
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  13. Wish I could have the "after" again. For some reason HD damage does not work any more on any car now (since a couple of weeks maybe - I don't crash that often :rolleyes: ?
    Just re-installed the mod again, no result. Any clues ?
  14. Strange thing. I've had this file in place pretty much since it came out, and it's never once failed to work other than after a full blank and reinstall (which would obviously remove it). In those circumstances, it's just been a case of popping the single file back in place and it just works flawlessly forever after. It's not one of those files that has several uses, or can be broken or bypassed by packed default files overwriting it.

    Have you turned off car damage, or has it somehow been turned off??

    Have you altered the line in your assettocorsa/system/cfg/assetto_corsa.ini from the default of -


    ...and just in case.. as silly as it sounds.. have you double checked to make sure you've replaced the default texture with the modded one. Unless you've got the nvidia .dds viewer to check or some thumbnail generator for .dds files, it may be an oversight. Not likely, but we've all done it once or thrice before :)

    ..of course, verifying the steam files can also overwrite it, so if you've done that after installing this file, you'll need to check again as well.
    Last edited: Jan 4, 2017
  15. Thanks for the help.;)
    I did a Steam verify a few weeks ago, but I only noticed the change today when crashing into a barrier.

    - Car damage is on (I do get the 'normal' window cracks).

    - the .ini is this:

    - I have a .dds viewer installed, I can see the new texture (black with white lines), the original is not even present.

    Just to be sure (I'm not that good messing with files), this is what I have:

    ..... > assettocorsa > content > texture > HD-DamagedGlass > Original > DAMAGE_GLASS (being the new .dds file).
    It is supposed to be like that, right ?
  16. Aha. And there it is.

    The DAMAGE_GLASS.dds file should be directly in the texture folder. You've extracted the whole folder structure of the packed mod into the texture folder instead.

    It should only be assettocorsa/content/texture/DAMAGE_GLASS.dds

    Sort that out, and you're all good :)
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  17. Amazing ! :redface:
    Works fine now. No idea how I managed to do that now, while I had this thing working before when I first installed it.

    Thanks a lot ! :)
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