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Misc HD Windshield Damage 1.1

texture replacement

  1. Xedrox submitted a new resource:

    New Windshield Damage - HD

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  2. Strange. I`m still using the original release of this and it`s still working as of the latest update. I haven`t had to do anything - it just works fine.

    Thanks for the excellent job, btw. Couldn`t live without it ;)
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  3. That is strange. Oh well. Glad you're still enjoying it!

    Thanks for the feedback.
  4. 1.0, Original CRC F770CE2D, your fix CRC 692B207E
    1.1, Original CRC F770CE2D, your fix CRC 692B207E
    same file?
  5. Hi Yoshino,
    My update was just subtle changes of opacities and minor adjustment of cracks in an attempt to look a bit better for cars with small windshields like the Praga and 919. In my testing back and forth its entirely possible I uploaded the wrong (original) one by mistake. Thanks for pointing it out. In the mean time, as long as it works for you, I may just fine tune it some more before re-releasing again.

    Thanks for the feedback. Hope you are enjoying it.
  6. Same here, also still original release and working as before the update. Unless Kunos used it for the new Porsches. Have not tried other cars yet, too busy with the P's...