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Skins HD Mclaren 2016 v4.0

Hi Res Mp4-31

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  1. holzgrend

    Premium Member

    Hey, nice work.....wich resolution is it?
  2. Sorry - all 4096x4096
  3. No...my fail mate hahahaha :D
    Awesome job!! :)
  4. FINALLY you're doing your magic with F1 2016! Amazing job mate, many thanks! Which one are you planning next?
  5. Also, could you make the Italian GP spec? Esso and Mobil1 have swapped positions, there are a few extra sponsors on the rear wing end plates, "Michael Kors" logo where the driver name currently is, the Sensodyne logo is different on the side of the cockpit and rear wing one is longer and Johnny Walker logos on the mirrors (if that's even possible).

  6. Thank you! I'm always interested in higher res cars.
  7. thanks for the replies. Might do track spec versions once season is over. Force India is next.
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  8. thanks. good update.:cool:
  9. Very nice job!
    many thanks and welcome!!!! :thumbsup:
  10. Fantastic work as per usual.
  11. Does this work with the new patch does anyone know?
  12. As far as I can tell the skin seems to be fine, but can't be 100% certain.
  13. will make a new version soon and hopefully make it darker as the original colour looks battleship grey at night races.
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  14. NobbyMilo updated HD Mclaren 2016 with a new update entry:

    Updated Darker Mclaren

    Read the rest of this update entry...
  15. Thank you for update! :thumbsup:
  16. Thanks once again.
    Just a question, I am running version 1.5 I than updated the livery to your first version (with Chandon) and the car displays the Chandon logo where it is meant too. Everything seems to be ok ingame. So in other words I am running the latest patch but using your original modified file so my mclaren displays the Chandon livery. How is that possible?
  17. I left the old version of the car too with Chandon.;)