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Skins HD Lotus 2015 Season Set v2.0

E23 Hybrid built from scatch

  1. NobbyMilo submitted a new resource:

    HD Lotus 2015 Season Set - E23 Hybrid built from scatch

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  2. Awesome Thank you so much it looks awesome
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  3. Fantastic stuff! Can't wait for the other cars, these are great! Great job dude :D
  4. great job. thanks.:cool:
  5. hooray for boobies the skins!
  6. Thanks for the comments guys, starting the next one soon, it begins with 'R' and ends in 'L' ;)
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  7. rED bULL
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  8. will try to do some red... we'll see :D :p
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  9. Absolutely Brilliant Job!! :)
    Many thanks! :)
    Your First for HD in 2015 !! ;)
    Many thanks! :thumbsup:
  10. From CM community manager on their forum :-
    "There are updates to Mercedes, Lotus, Marussia, Williams, Ferrari, McLaren and Force India. The updates are liveries and in some cases nose sections too."

    Bloody typical.... although will update these if mapping is different as I expect it will be as the MS Lumia logo is too small on the sides with the way it is now.
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  11. Oh bugger haha glad you will update them, hope Codies release these updates fast
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  12. thanks.great.:cool:
  13. Thanks for full Lotus pack! :thumbsup:
  14. thanks for updates!
    well done! :thumbsup:
  15. thanks a lot.:cool:
  16. Fabulous! Already excited for the next one :p cheers Nobby!
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