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Skins HD Force India 2016 v2.0

Hi Res VJM09

  1. NobbyMilo submitted a new resource:

    HD Force India 2016 - Hi Res VJM09

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  2. Brilliant job!
    Thank you, milomatt! :thumbsup:
  3. Thankyou!
  4. Awesome thanks
  5. Great work! Which next? :)
  6. Is it possible now to implement Martini logo on rear wing at least?
  7. Why Martini? Last I knew about they were sponsoring Williams.
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  8. So did you find the way how to use mirror textures correctly?
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  9. NobbyMilo is there anyway you can make the Force India look more Silvery, everywhere I see the car it looks almost bright white compared to the real thing?........

    and in game........
  10. Hi Elisest.
    The silver looks like that in certain weather conditions although its not as dark as the real livery. Will have a look when season ends as telcel in on the sidepod now (probably same for mexico) and almost certainly claro will be there for brazil.
  11. Ok Brilliant thanks!, even in good conditions and sunlight mine always looks white-ish.......appreciate your hard work, thanks again
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  12. YES SILVER !! 5* That is excellent!! It looks so much better now, thank you so much for your hard work I have all your HD skins and they are all Epic.........cant thank you enough!!
  13. Thank you for your kind words, why CM get a lot of colours wrong is beyond me.