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HD footage of Top Gears test track in GT5

Discussion in 'Gran Turismo 5' started by Kevin Watts, Jul 2, 2010.

  1. Looking very nice, I wonder if we'll get the new 'reasonably priced car' too?

  2. Why is the grass so greeeeeen in GT5?! Aside from that it looks great.
  3. GT5

    I just cannot wait, November 2nd is only 4 months away, but will feel like forever. I have played most of the PC Sims, but after XBOX 360's Forza 3 and now PS3 GT5. I think GT5 will capture my attention for a while, just hope credit progress will transfer from prologue not just cars. The lighting is going to look so realistic. GT5 Prologue might not be a detailed, but looks more realistic vs Forza 3 with the lighting.
  4. I may be wrong but I don't think cars or credits will transfer from GT5 Prologue but there was talk about cars unlocked on the PSP version being able to be transferred to GT5.

    As for the grass, last time I checked grass was..well er..green! :) I know what you mean though but that video was captured on a video recorder and not footage exported straight from the game and video's done in this way always tend to make colours look a little off.
  5. Yes but they usually lose/darken colour :D
  6. Not always lol, depends on the quality of the camera and in this case you can see the green's and red's don't come out too well

  7. As Kevin mentioned, it is an off-screen video and you can't expect colour accuracy with such method. Still, GT5 just like GT5 Prologue will be slightly more saturated than your typical PC sims. But it's a simple fix if your TV/Monitor allows for colour adjustment: just turn the saturation down. Better still if have a TV like the Sharp Aquos (I'm using that example because it's what I have) where you can adjust saturation to each colour tones (RYGCBM).

    Here's a good example. The top is the image released by Polyphony of Dunsford Park track (the Top Gear test track). Using the same method I normally use on my TV while playing GT- reduce saturation, adjust some of the tonal balance/saturation, increase brightness and reduce contrast, I used PS to replicate the same effect to get the result seen in the bottom image:


  8. im loving everything about GT5, but scared like crazy regarding the car sounds. still have my fingers crossed we wont be driving beautiful cars that sound like hair dryers. i couldnt tell you what car that is in the video above, best guess, a new honda ?
  9. Porsche just don't know exact model. Looks good Kevin, I will see if, I can adjust my TV some more.

    Edit: might be close to the 911 GT2 RS
  10. Chris Butcher

    Chris Butcher
    Red Bull Gridsters 2012 Champion

    If you are referring to the car he's driving, It's a Ford GT
  11. You are correct on the Ford GT

    I was wrong, must have been :confused:.:bang: