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Hand and Arm animations

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by BanjoMaster, Jul 5, 2013.

  1. Don't know if this has ever been covered before; we know the drivers arms/hands are very well animated, and that his head/upper body moves with the forces, but do we know if his feet move on the pedals yet?
  2. If we don´t get the ability to give the finger i´m hoping modders solve that quickly :)
    Would be so awesome in the old formula cars,

    One for the side and one for the guy you just passed that was all over the place almost taking both out of the race.

  3. Test Drive Ferrari whilst in development allowed for user to shake ps3 controller and drivers hands would then shake fist ,not sure if it ended up in the final game though.

    I liked how in LFS multi-player you could see if the other driver had his head turned to you or not , prity pointless feature but its one of those small touches that goes towards making things seem more believable.

    Arma 3 has funny lip movements when you use in game voice chat , CS 1.6 and original half life also had an even more basic version of lip sync when users talked in game which looks hilarious.
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  4. You mean the international sign of saying "thank you" ?
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  5. i loved that! when racing someone side by side and looking on right then seeing the other guy looking at you was freaking hilarious!!!!!!
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  6. I think "show bird" means the same as the international sign of saying "thank you", right? :roflmao:

    I just need that on a button which is super easy to reach and I am good :roflmao:
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  7. On another note angry Alonso would be nice too :D

  8. It would be fantastic to be able to press a button on your keyboard that makes the in game driver do certain jestures for the person driving behind you. Like ("thanks" right hand up and waving) or or ("pass me" hand waving from front to back) stuff like that would be awesome.

  9. Well in terms of communication we do have the advantage of having macro txt binds for driving games :p

    Maybe as a simple improvement on that system it could be nice to have it so that rather than small txt appearing if someone says "thanks" for pass the game played a positive SFX as a notification , sure hand animations would be nice but its allot of work for a small feature :)

    In the end this is the sort of thing that could probably done using the APP system they have put in the game , that's why its so ingenuous having the app system as they have made it , app could just look out for a TXT hook and then play SFX or display a small graphic.
  10. Oh, a new thread!? And also, my primary question was to ask if the legs and feet will be animated :D No mention of that, Bram? Hahaha :D
  11. What about the ability to get out of the car after a collision and punch the person who punted you off?
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  12. harry platt : is it sarcasm?
    I think his idea is great.
  13. I suggest the ability to do this :D (@ 0:33)

  14. Rupe Wilson

    Rupe Wilson
    Senior HistorX club driver Staff Premium

    Drivers head animation that moved as you looked would be really good :thumbsup:

    Would make it allot easier when there is a incident that needs looking at.
    If you can see that the driver had looked left and then closed the door, he can't say he never saw them.. ;)

    Piboso have the arm and hand animation there sim's, it is a cool feature.

    you could do the folowing
    raise arm
    win gesture
    angry gesture
    thumbs up
    and i think the visor wipe or tear off was a movement also cant remember
  15. As the OP says, the hand animation looks great.
    Personally, I think it is just a 'tiny' bit too fast...but it looks 'worlds' better than anything else out there.
    I did notice that the yellow gloves are not to scale (too big) in the technology preview demo... when viewed from outside the car in replays. Hopefully that'll be corrected in the final release.
  16. Given that I drive with a wheel and pedals, I can see my own hands just fine. Seeing another set of hands on screen is just weird and distracting. Having the option to turn OFF animated hands and wheel is my only requirement.

    The day I get to drive with a virtual reality visor and can no longer see my own hands is the day I will have any interest in such animations.
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  17. .
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  18. Kevin Ascher

    Kevin Ascher
    #47 Roaring Pipes Maniacs

    +1000 on that, couldn't put it any better!
    Absolutely useless feature for everybody who uses a wheel and is anywhere near close to the screen.
    I need this and the feature to move my seat back and forth and/or put the POV and move the driver display up or down.
  19. Is not possible hide the steering wheel Demotech, and I think will not be hide in the v1.0

    this is what we want.

  20. They said many months ago that even though not activated in the tech preview that this option would be available, just like in any other modern sim.
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