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Apparel Hamilton Monaco 2013 Helmet 1.0

monaco 2013

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  1. No pics?By the way, i can only guess it's an awesome work too! ;)
  2. Super work as always mr. helmet-man:thumbsup:Thank you
  3. Awesome man :)

    Edited your OP to include the actual picture there mate... hope you don't mind :)
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  4. Awesome Gerald! Very nice work! I guess you have spent a lot of time to do it because I didn't find any planar illustrations from Lewis, Nicole and Roscoe scene, only HD average quality pictures (even on JLF Designs) . Did you paint it from scratch?

    Anyway, thank you very much for this great work. :)
  6. :)

  7. Thanks.
    I could see the image on my side.
    So didn't know that others couldn't see it.
  8. thank you !!!! ;)