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Had any near-death moment?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Resi Respati, Aug 21, 2009.

  1. Well I have one... :(

    I was about to cross a street while this car came from nowhere and hit me... I wasn't aware of it until I realized I was on the ground and my glasses is thrown several feet from me. And that car just went away as nothing had happened...

    I got help from some guys from a nearby car repair center and they carry me to a nearby clinic (luckily the clinic was just several feet from where the accident happened).

    After that accident I had several bruises on my right shoulder also at the right side of my face ([ame]http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blunt_trauma[/ame])... Other than that, i'm completely okay.

    Edit: It's about 2 years ago..
  2. Ramon van Rijn

    Ramon van Rijn

    Wow, lucky you mate.
    No-one got his license plate?
  3. Gareth Hickling

    Gareth Hickling

    I was in a friends car that crashed into a hedge next to a farmers field, The nose of the car dug in and flipped the car over the front end and it landed with the roof in a ditch.
    The car was in a bush and the only door I could get open was one of the rear ones, It opened about 10 inch.
    I jumped out and looked at the car and steam was piling out (to me it was smoke). I went back to the door held it open as much as possible and started shouting at my friends to get out of the car. We all made it out without a scratch. Amazing.. Well I got a few scratches from the bush!

    We were waiting for about 15 mins when one of my friends started to hiperventilate then a car came around the corner saw us and rang the police and ambulance.

    It was not like my friend was driving fast, the road was wet and he just lost it. We were young at the time, music on full blast and all that.

    Since that day I cant stand going fast in a car on public roads, Give me a motorcycle and a track day any day of the week!
  4. Omer Said

    Omer Said
    Weresloth Staff

    Oh at last ! I was wondering if the one i hit was dead or alive ? Sorry for the hit :)

    Now Seriously : When did it happen mate ?!?! And same question as Ramon. Someone must have noted it at the street. Imbecile Guy !

    @ Gareth ; Wow that was close mate. I'm really happy you are ok. I also don't like people speeding in traffic. I don't care if he dangers his life, but he also dangers others's lifes :angry:

    And about me ;

    A car hit me, while it was red lights for them and green for pedestrians. I rolled 6 - 7 meters on the ground, then stood up and waved the hitter " Ok i'm fine ! " then i runed home as was really shocked and scared. Hitter guy got out of his car and shouted " Hey Where are you going!!!! Are YOU OKKK !??!?!? " . This happened 7 years ago.

    At home i realized my whole right foot was purple :S

    And this really happened like that, believe it or not.
  5. Well, I don't know, didn't asked those guys...

    No-one was around and when it impacted me those guys started to run into my way

    And I even too shaken just to get up and say "Watch where you going!" the moment it impacted me. And when I'm able to get up, that car already ran away. It feels like I've been slapped on the face with a rear-wiew-mirror-shaped hammer (read: my face was hit first by the rear-view mirror)

    And Omer: it's about 2 years ago..
  6. I nearly drowned once.

    And the canoeist up-river had the cheek to come slowly up the river as we eventually grabbed a tree (obviously didn't care about our safety) and said "You shouldn't be swimming up this far." We were pulled by the current, we didn't go by ourselves.

  7. Almost 4 years ago, at Nagykanizsa (I spent a year there). I started breathing hard and I went to the physician in attendance (it was at night), and she told me I might have pneumonia (clever). Then I went home, fresh air did a good job and I felt much better, but 2 hours passed and it came back again. Went back and they sent me to the hospital! I started suffocating there as well, and you know what they gave me? Cough mixture... it lasted for about 2-3 hours (didn't count it). Went to the balcon, but it didn't help much as well... Fortunately it ended good.

    Any tips what is was?


    It happened to me the first time, it was me at the end who found out that was the problem. (with the help of my girlfriend who brought up some books) Went to the dispensary there and they found that I have allergy to dust and a bit to dog hair... (still not asthma).
    Fortunately winter was quite cold and I had no problems, but spring came and it came back again. Still at Nagykanizsa, I went to the physician in attendance again (but now there was an old man), and he told me right when I came in the door that I have asthma. Then I came back to Veszprém later and the doctors here solved that now I'm almost cured from it, only have trouble when I'm between people who smoke... or in a smoky city...
  8. Gareth Hickling

    Gareth Hickling

    I have the same problems with asthma. Summer is always a killer for me so im always glad to see winter come around. When I was 5-6 they thought I had cystic fibrosis and had to have therapy 2-3 days a week. I used to think it was great getting days off school...
    A few years later they decided it wasnt that and I had acute asthma.

    I go through a salbutamol inhaler in around 3 weeks in the summer thats how bad it gets. My lungs are shot, I cant run 50 meters without getting chest pains and out of breath.
  9. the biggest one i had was 1999, i had a new bike (YZF-R1) and was with some friends at the Nordschleife
    it was a shiney hot day with temps around 35°C and we did a good share of laps that day at late afternoon we decided to get one more lap in befor we all drive home
    we runned in a pack of 8 bikes 6 from our group and 2 guys we picked up early on the lap
    i just can say we came out of kallenhart through the tripple right, next i know i have ben told by my friends cuz i dont have any clue what happend there
    they told me that there was suddenly smoke coming from everywhere at the bike then the bike turned by 90° and sent me up in the air
    i came down right into the tyers at wherseifen while the bike was hiting the tyers a hand wide to the left of me o.O
    they called a medic heli to fly me to the hospital, the first i know is, that i was asking my self why the TV is mounted to the wall in my sleeping room
    till i realized i am in a hospital.
    i collected a broken hip, 2 broken arms, a broke shoulder, a 5 times broken right leg and 6 days coma in that crash
    the reason for that crash was a combination of several things: a defect brake disc on the rear (was a knowen problem with the early R1, Yamaha had short after my crash a recall of all bikes in germany to change the brake disc to a diffrent one, ofc not cuz of my crash)
    a porsche dropped oil on the track mins befor we arrived and noone noticed
    and last the throttle got stuck for unknowen reason

    anyways after i was up and going again the first i did was buying a new bike and 3 weeks after i got it (CBR900RR) i was the first time back on the green hell :D
  10. Had a few unfortunately in my teenage years, but all part of the living on the edge of life

    Off roading in 4x4 at Sherwood forest, I was in the rear with no doors and a few tool boxes in the back. The rear left wheel gets up a bank to much causes the car to roll over and turn on it's side on the edge of a 30foot straight vertical drop bank stuck there rocking side to side with the petrol tank underneath the drivers seat chucking out petrol ( Lada Niva ) I had no where to get out quick enough as no doors in the back and we couldn't make any sudden movements as it would of gone, Luckily it stopped, if not am sure I wouldn't be talking right now as it would of easy blown if it went off and roll down the drop.

    Another off road moment in a Land Rover now. A friend was pushing it through some unknown territory and unfortunately came across a 15 foot ditch, quite a large one, Land Rover went straight into it flat on the front with it sitting vertical. I luckily had my seat belt on and only got some head injuries which required stitches and some seat belt strains, but the driver went through window-screen as he had no seat belt on and was a bit more messed up, however both was ok and did not require surgery, unlike our friend who was sitting in the back with a boat engine in there which smashed him in the face and messed him up pretty bad. He had to have surgery multiply times for months with metal plates in his jaw :S

    Had a few other near death incidents, especially doing freeride on mountain bikes through the woods, down big drops / jumps & down fort William etc, hit my head pretty hard once was unconscious for about 10 minutes.

    Had a few other bad incidents as well you won't hear me talk about though.
  11. Kevin Ascher

    Kevin Ascher
    #47 Roaring Pipes Maniacs

    Once crossed an intercity street with my bycycle, looked to the left but not to the right and when I was about 3/4 of the road, a Ford Fiesta driving way too fast missed me by an inch or so.
    At that time I was about 10 years old and was kinda unaware of how lucky I was.
    Not too spectacular that story, but still.
  12. When I was very young I almost died from salmonella.
  13. Simon Bacon

    Simon Bacon

    Well twice, age 4, I went into respiratory arrest due to an asthma attack, can't remember anything about it and was only saved by being fortunate enough to be attended to by one of the first I&I (later Paramedic) trained ambulance persons in the country. Age 21 I went into full cardiac arrest post anaphylaxis and again was resus'd on scene by Paramedics. Hence my job today I suppose - best I gave something back. :)
  14. Wow, you guys have all had - err - exciting lives; the worst thing that's ever happened to me is a broken toe from kicking something too hard >_> Although I've done some pretty stupid things a couple times while driving my car, but never really close to a crash...
  15. Just a couple of months ago, I had a small episode, While probably not life-threatening, it certainly scared me.

    Wednesday afternoon, last period of the day. It was warmish, but because of school rules we have to wear these stiff clothes that don't let you move freely. Also, I hadn't had much to drink that day.
    Anyways, around the end of the period I started to feel weird. I suddenly felt weak and nauseous. I hoped it would pass, so I laid my head on the desk. (at this moment I think I blacked out for a bit, because I seemed to lose my sense of reality at the time. I woke abruptly feeling kinda strange.)
    It came time for us to go home, so I took my stuff, half-stumbled to the bag-rack, tried to curb the impulse to lose my lunch, and then the weirdest thing happened. I completely spaced out and my vision faded. The last thing I remember was my rear end hitting the pavement extremely hard. :p
    I woke up to see my Society and Environment teacher leaning over me, saying "You okay Rhys?". I became aware that my head was resting on the bag of a friend of mine (he told me later that he had seen me collapse and had moved his bag under my head before it hit the ground. He probably saved my life :bulgy-eyes:).I was sweating buckets, so I removed my blazer and jumper and sat down on the bench. The small crowd that had gathered eventually moved away. Apparently, I had suffered massive dehydration and had passed out. The doctor later told me that I had suffered a kind of attack where the nerve signal telling the heart to beat was interrupted - my heart had actually stopped for a few seconds.

    But I'm okay now. I make sure every day that I drink tons of water... but I sure don't want to have to go through that again.
  16. eeeek Rhys, nearly died and yet you didn't know it.

    I remember last year, i drank some Coke too quickly, and it sorta made my head go all blank and i felt dizzy. Now from now on i can't remember a thing, but my dad said i fell back and down to the ground with the back of my head hitting the floor tile (of which i cracked) and then i went into some sort of fit, my body was shaking and i was un-concious for 10 or so minutes, when i finally came back round my head was hurting and bleedin and i was being stretcherd off into the amberlance.

    Other than that, some might think i risk my life everyday seen as though i go out on my Bike :p
  17. When I was 18 I got hold of a Rover SD1 2600. I paid £80 at an auction for it, reserve was £100 but it didn't get there so I asked for the seller details and offered her £80. The engine was dirty but working nicely and it only had a little rust to attend to on the sills, bargain of a car. Automatic, Electric windows and power steering, wobbly rearview mirror though and for a kid who'd only driven Minis and Essie MkIs before it was a beast.

    Well being an 18 year old with what was, and still is, a powerful car I went driving with a few mates on the country lanes near where we lived. My mate was in his "rally prepared" Essie MkII and as you do we started racing a bit. We came to one stretch of road with no pavements, just hedges either side but two lanes. A long straight that led to a sort of mirrored Eau Rouge, we were side by side at about 100mph, him on the wrong carriageway when up ahead was a man walking his dog. The Essie slowed a little and fell in behind me. With all the jostling the rear view mirror had gone askew so I took a quick look over my shoulder at him. By the time I had returned to looking forward I was into a medium left at about 90mph and the back end started to go, I tried to correct but over compensated (was first power steering car I'd driven was used to Essie's like I said). The car then snapped back the other way as the road curved right toward a crest and the left rear blew out on the kerb. This sent me over the crest with the driver side over the centre just as a Lada was coming the other way. We hit driver wing to driver wing, the enter right side of the Rover getting pushed right back and I did 3 360 spins to end up broadside 200 yrds from the initial impact. Luckily I walked, well limped away from that one but it could have been so much worse. The Lada by the way took it far better than the Rover, with just front wing damage, the Rover was a write off. The people in the Lada were just a little shaken but I had a leg injury from the steering column.

    The police report estimated the speed at 70mph for the Rover and 40mph for the Lada so a combined impact speed of 110mph. Needless to say I was banned for dangerous driving, I was just thankful I had my seatbelt on or I'd have been thrown from the driver's side that had been ripped right off.
  18. I bet being Banned was a bugger though lol.
  19. Was probably a blessing, back then every road was a race track to me. That was crash no.3 in the space of 3 weeks. Got rear ended in a Mini brake testing a mate whilst racing, he failed. And then took a MkI Essie off the side of Beacon Fell trying to race a Mitsubishi Colt turbo. That's a bit more dramatic than it sounds, it's not like it was a cliff or anything, funny though as there were sappling trees bouncing off the windscreen like something out of the Dukes of Hazard. Had to walk 3 miles to find a farmer with a tractor to drag it back to the road only to find out the reason I went off was the steering column snapping.

    Beacon Fell, there's a one way road that goes around and up it that feels like a rally special stage.

  20. Woah, Rhys. Sounded scary alright. Make sure to carry a barrel of water with you wherever you go. That way the dehydrationsies can't get you! :)