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Tracks Gunsai Touge [Autumn version] 1.0

Gunma Cycle Sports Center

  1. masaboo3 submitted a new resource:

    Gunsai Touge [Autumn version] - Gunma Cycle Sports Center

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  2. Is this the Best Motoring touge test track?
  3. In response to my review...
    it's not my pc which has a problem.
    I give you an example... You can see very quick how you fall off the track.
    Right when you start the track, just take the left road instead of the right one.
    BAM! First fall! lol
    There are plenty of areas like that throughout the whole track.
  4. What do you mean by "motoring touge"?
    Anyway if you mean Japanese drifting tracks, I think that Shomaru is the best, and then Akina.
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  5. Is a japanese TV programm with Keiichi Tsuchiya, and other japanese drivers. Search "Best Motoring" in youtube.
  6. Sorry for late response. That's right! This track is famous in japan, Mr. Tsuchiya and Mr. Orido et,al. drove ae86 here in many tv programs. Thanks