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Guides - Tracks, Techniques and Driving Tips

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Eric. K, Jan 9, 2009.

  1. Track guides

    After talking with several of you it sounds like track guides and replays are useful tools for many new racers. Any of our fast members feel free to post your hotlap replays, track guides or anything else to help the slower drivers to improve.

    However, please do not post full setups here. Only use RD's official setup section for that.

    Tracks covered so far:
    1. Donington
    2. Mid-America
    3. Formula BMW Zandvoort Track Guid
    4. others
  2. Mid America Motorplex F3000 track guide. Mid America_090108_2134_TestDay HOT LAP.Vcr

    Laptime 1,11,322 (Race setup 95L fuel, same lap in qualify should be around 2 sec faster)

    Turn 1,2,3 It's important to get a good flow/rythym through the first 3 corners so braking a little to early here is usually better then a little to late which will cause the car to roll and could compromise your exit and therefor entry to the next corner. Coming from the straight i brake hard and then i gradually ease off before i let go (braking and turning at the same time). Try and pick up the throttle easily so not to oversteer and keep it flatout into T2. In the replay i take a little to much curb and the car is not perfectly stable during braking into T3 so i let the car go wide before i pick up the throttle gently and i use the throttle to steer the car. If it understeers just ease off and if it steers to much give it some more power. Before the end of the corner i ease off and shift down to get a tight exit close to the inside curb and i try to get the straightest line possible for maximum acceleration. It's easy to loose traction so be careful there. I try to get a tighter line through T2 usually almost following the track line and not go wide but i was forced to this time because of the instable entry. Either way if it's done right wide and tight through there can be fast.

    Turn 4 Easy flatout

    Turn 5 It's hard to find a braking spot so i usually go by ”feeling” which is not allways successful. Try to enter with much speed and get as tight a line as possible so that the car drifts out a bit while you are either off or easy on throttle.(This lap i had a little slower entry speed so the car did not drift out but this works to) And then pick it up and gradually give more throttle. Try to get to full throttle asap and as the car accelerates you will get more aerodynamic grip and the understeer will disappear and you exit the corner close to the outside. Sometimes very close :). For saftey it's better to be a little more cautious then i am in the replay. It's easy to go to wide in the exit.

    Turn 6 I try to brake at or just prior to the 100m sign and gently steer the car towards the corner. Pick up the throttle very easily and again steer the car with the throttle. When you feel the car is pointing right apply more throttle and try to get as straight a line possible in the exit preferably getting as close to the outside curb as possible. Your gonna need throttle control to keep traction.

    Turn 7,8,9 Probably the hardest part of the track. Remember to get a good flow/rythym and not over do it It's hard to find a brake point so again i go with ”feeling” and just touch the brakes before turn in not taking to much curb that will upset the car. Just a little push on the throttle before braking again for T8 going down to 2 gear and as tight as possible. Throttle control on the exit and keep to the left to set you up for the next turn. It's easy to loose traction just to stress that fact. Before T9 i'm up in 3 gear and i dont brake i just lift the throttle before T9 and turn in. Try to pick up throttle asap when you feel the car is pointing right and keep it as straight as possible. There is plenty of room in the exit.

    Turn 10,11,12 Remember it's all about the rythym.Now you can go flatout entering T10 but you wont loose very much by lifting a little for saftey. You can take some curb entering the corner but be careful not to upset the car. Brake hard before T11 and smoothly turn in on 3 gear give it a push into the final turn. Brake a little earlier then you think because you want to enter tight as close to the inside curb as possible to get the straightest exit possible so you wont loose time on the straight ahead. This is the easiest corner to loose traction so throttle control is very much required. This sequenze of corners was not as smooth as i wanted on the replay lap. Especially T12 where i lost a little time.

    EDIT: Just thought i'd add this other replay aswell. Although this lap is a little faster (1,11,231 same fuel) i still think the first replay is better from a track guide point of view. The reason I added this one is because here you can see an alternative line through T5 which seems to be pretty much equally fast. Also in this one you see a much better flow through T11 and 12 without the little mistake on the previous replay which I mentioned above. Th reason this replay can't replace the previous is because i made som other mistakes especially in first sector. So the only part of this replay that could be of any use is the alternative T5 and a better smoother way to take 10,11 and 12. Other then that stick to the previous replay :)
    View attachment Mid America_090109_1228_TestDay HOT LAP.Vcr
  3. Donington GP - WTCC
  4. Donington GP - WTCC Extreme
  5. Dave Stephenson

    Dave Stephenson
    Technical Administrator Staff Premium

    i replied to a post on this last week. a collection can be found here. not all are as complete as these and the donni ones a duplicated. i will be maintaining that thread and will add your new one Niklas when i have a few moments. I'm not in the habit of duplicating information but some may not look in the US forum for this info.

  6. Great Dave. I want to keep this thread in the American forum for the upcoming league as well as our Sunday events. Nothing prevents us linking both of them! :laugh2:
  7. Formula BMW Zandvoort Track Guide

    I made a trackguide a couple of weeks ago for an F3 event and people seem to really like it and find it helpful so i thought i'd make one for Fridays Nations GP event.

    I had not yet done a qualify session before today and i was not able to get a lap that was "clean" and "fast" enough so i decided to use my earlier best lap with race setup carrying 30 liters of fuel which i felt would be better from a track guide point of view. So this track guide is based on that race lap...

    Race laptime: 1,43,008 (30L fuel) View attachment Zandvoort_081225_Race1 43.008 s.Vcr
    Equal lap in qualify should be about 1 sec faster.

    Turn 1I look to the signs up on the left for a good braking point referens and slam the brakes at first then lift off and gently turn in to the corner while still braking slightly. I try to pick up the throttle asap and try to steer the car with the throttle rather then the wheel. Lifting a little if the car understeers to much and giving more throttle if it goes to tight. It's perfectly fine to use alot of curb on the exit. And as you try to go on full throttle as soon as you can you might get som oversteer on the exit which you should try to correct only with steering. Don't lift the throttle unless you have to.

    Turn 2,3 I approach T2 in 4th gear full throttle and i never brake here but only lift the throttle and downshift to 3rd picking up the throttle gently at first as i try to get the tightest line possible without touching the curb and then i floor it (full throttle) somewhere midcorner.

    Turn 4 Exiting T3 you should try and move towards the right side of the track in order to position yourself better for T4 entry. The entry however is over a crest so you need to have the car settled and pointing towards the apex of the corner before you start to brake. Which gives you little time to position yourself but every inch to the right you can get is better then nothing. Here to i slam the brakes for a short moment then i try my best (with my braking foot) not to lock up and right before the crest i start to turn in very gently and let go of the brakes. Immedietly i go on throttle but very gently just to avoid oversteer that the off throttle engine brake could give over the crest. I keep the tightest line possible and when the car is settled i give maximum throttle asap. You can take a little curb on the exit but be very carefu! Getting a rear wheel over the curb and even the slightest oversteer will cause you to spin off. Once the rear of your car goes in this turn you won't be able to catch it.

    Turn 5 Easy flatout just be aware of the bumps. They can cause trouble if you fall asleep there.

    Turn 6 Entering T6 i don't brake i only lift the throttle and shift down from 6th to 5th gear. I try and get a tight line and use the throttle to push for understeer if i get to tight. Be very careful of the bump that comes mid-corner! Once i have returned to full throttle i keep it flat out through the corner and right before the bump i correct my steering so that the car goes over the bump as straight as possible and then i continue steering. (didn't get it that good this lap) Sometimes if i get the line a little wrong i have to make a small lift over the bump. It won't cost alot of time so you can do that to be safe if you feel like it. You can take some curb on the exit but not much. If you get one wheel slightly off track then you will not make the turn. If that happends just lift the throttle and let the car go straight and be careful because there are some nasty bumps ahead in the ”off track” area.

    Turn 7 Coming downhill i just give the brakes a little touch before i steer in towards T7. To get it right you need to be a little aggressive on turn-in. Try and get as close as possible to the inside curb but don't hit it to hard because it will make your car very unsettled. I slightly miss the turn-in on this replay (turn in a little to early and not aggressive enough) so i have to be more careful picking up the throttle so that i wont understeer off the track. Which gives me a little slower exit.

    Turn 8 This is a tough one. It's hard to find a braking point and it's better to brake a little to early then a little to late for this one. And it's very easy to lock up and oversteer on the entry because you will be steering and braking at the same time. So make sure the car is pointing straight on initial braking and then be very gentle on the brakes while turning in. The exit is pretty wide so you can pick up the throttle quite early just remember, throttle control on the exit and wait for the car to settle before going hard on the throttle.

    Turn 9 For me the most difficult turn. You wont have much time but you need to position yourself as close to the right side of the track as you dare. It's easy to get a wheel on the grass before braking which will cause you go off. It's very hard to find a braking point referens so i try to feel where i should brake which makes this turn look a little bit different on every lap. I start to brake about the same time as initial turn-in which is very gentle as is the braking trying to get a somewhat wide entry before i let go completly of the brakes, turn more and easily pick up the throttle as i try to get a tighter line mid corner to get a more straight line exit. I try to get on full throttle as soon as i think i can get away with it and traction is usually pretty good out of the corner. It's easy to run wide on the exit though. But also not that difficult to keep the car on the track if you do.

    Turn 10,11 I use the tyre marks on the road for braking point referens for this hard braking zone. I'm still on the brakes when i start initial turn-in and it's easy to lock up if you are to hard on the brakes at this point. Stay off the inside curb as it will only upset the car. You should be able to go full throttle before the next corner entry if only for a second. Almost no braking just lifting the throttle and trying to get a tight line and getting the straightest line possible on the exit to get maximum traction. As you can see on the replay i'm a little to agressive on the throttle and i loose a little traction and get some oversteer but it's not more then to just correct with the steering thus keeping full throttle.

    Turn 12 The last corner is extra difficult aswell but my advice is that you brake a little earlier then you think. Just touch the brakes and turn in and get the tightest line possible on entry and pick up the throttle immedietly (earlier then you think) but very gently. It helps to steer the car and when you feel you can, go on full throttle. Don't take to much curb on the outside on the exit. If you get a wheel over it you will spin. Remember the exit is what is important so don't get obsessed with entering this corner as fast as you can. Getting a good exit will be much more important since you have a long straight coming where you could loose time or track position.
  8. Awesome!!! Niklas!!! Thanks!!!
  9. Dave Stephenson

    Dave Stephenson
    Technical Administrator Staff Premium